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Areas Of knowledge

Sarah Haddad
Mathematics is sometimes seen as being at the opposite end of the
spectrum from art in the sense that it offers us something that is built
on absolute objectivity, which only works if every element of its
structure is in alignment with each other. However, because
mathematics is an essential tool in so many fields, and spills over into
such artistic realms as design and architecture, as well as
engineering, medicine, and the social sciences, it would be quite
incorrect to say that it and the arts are mutually exclusive.
Basically math is the branch of science concerned with number,
quantity, and space, either as abstract ideas (pure mathematics) or as
applied to physics, engineering, and other subjects (applied
mathematics). Seen differently by different philosophers.
Therefore Mathematics is used in many different aspects of our lives,
and not just in education. Since its also used to create things such as
roller coasters, or something as simple as designing an object that
includes shapes and different angles. Many different functions related
to math are responsible for the existence of many things that we use
daily, such as our laptops, vending machines and machines in general.
The Arts
In the areas on knowledge, art is used as a way of expressing creative
skills through many different ways such as a visual medium like a
painting or sculpture, the product of such a process, it also includes
other creative activities such as music and drama. This area is
primarily concerned with human culture rather than scientific or
technical studies.
Im the most interested in this area since I can relate to it the most.
From a very early age, I began experimenting with visual art and I have
been practicing ever since. Out of all the areas of knowledge I think
this one represents me the most since I enjoy the arts a lot. I enjoy the
process of creating a painting or a final piece, and I also enjoy
observing the works of others in any of the different forms of art, which
are music and drama. I think the arts is an effective way of expressing
different peoples backgrounds perspectives and cultures, which allows
us to open our minds to new ideas and allows us to communicate and
connect more.

History is basically the study of past events, where these past events
are considered as a whole and they are connected with someone or
something. However its not just the study of the past itself, its also
how we interacted with it, therefore it is not the past since it is
constantly being reviewed and updated.
I think history is something very important for us to know, since it
creates culture and it shows us how we developed in time. Knowing our
history is crucial so that we dont repeat the same mistakes that were
made in the past. History also defines us in some ways, where it
structures our societies, communities, countries and cultures.