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Marina High School

Classroom Expectations and Economics Syllabus

Course: Principles of Economics
Telephone: (714) 8536571 x4101
Teacher Candidate: Mr. Seifert
Master Teacher: Mr.
Arnold CONF.
Teacher Website:
Period: 5th period
This course will give the students a greater understanding of the economic
principles ranging from micro- and macroeconomics, international
economics, comparative economic systems, measurement, and methods.
The course will study the law of supply and demand, forms of business, labor
unions, government finances and influence on the economy, money and
prices, inflation and deflation cycles. Students will master fundamental
economic concepts, appreciate how the principal concepts of economics
relate to each other and understand the structure of economic systems.
Students will use economic concepts in a reasoned, careful manner in
dealing with personal, community, national and global economic issues. They
should learn to make reasoned decisions on economics.
Upon the successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
1. Develop an economic way of thinking.
2. Apply the information on a table to a chart or graph.
3. Understand different economic systems used throughout the world.
4. Understand the nature of, changes in, and elasticity of supply and
5. Identify the benefits and limitations of the price system and how prices are
managed and determined.
6. Explain how markets are competitive, and how they are regulated.
7. Identify and differentiate the types of business organizations that exist.
8. Understand the role of labor unions, their history, and how they affect the
9. Demonstrate knowledge regarding capital and its sources.
All students are expected to act like young adults and follow the school rules
from the Parent/Student Handbook. Students will be expected to be in
assigned seat and ready to learn when the tardy bell rings, act responsibly

and respectfully, participate in class activities and discussions, and complete

assignments as given. It is important for me to maintain an environment of
equal learning opportunity for all. If a student veers from common sense or
breaks the classroom conduct they will receive:
1. Warning/ Private Conference
2. Detention/ Call Home
3. Parent Conference/ Referral
Students must come to class with the following materials at all times: A 3
ring binder, pen, pencil, eraser, paper for taking notes, class handouts, and
completed assignments.
Students need to come to class ready to work individually and in groups as
well as participate in classroom discussion. Any class activities and/or
assignments that are not completed in class will become homework and will
be due the next day. There will be more than enough time for students to
finish their work in class so it does not become homework. Classwork that
becomes homework is a result of the student not using their classroom time
to work on the classwork.
Homework is due the day after being assigned unless specifically noted. All
homework must be completed on time in order to be stamped by the
instructor. Homework that is not done on time will not receive a stamp and
will not get full credit. Every day that an assignment is late will result in a
10% deduction for that assignment. And 5% will be deducted from each part
of an assignment that is incomplete. Before every unit test the teacher will
collect a packet from the students of their homework and classwork. It is
imperative that the student finish all assignments and bring all assignments
to class each day.
Unit tests and quizzes will have different forms of questions, such as,
multiple choice, true-false, fill-in-the-blank, identification, and essay
questions. To ensure student continued effort throughout each unit there is a
possibility I will give the class a quiz without warning. Quizzes and test will
cover the information that was discussed in class and from the textbook.
If you have an excused absence, you will have as many days to complete
missed assignments as you were absent. It is the students responsibility to
check my Weebly website and contact the teacher for any missed
assignments or exams. Some classroom activities and discussions, by their
nature may, not be able to be made-up. Other assignments will be given as

replacements. If make-up work is not turned in then a score of 0 will be

If a student is absent on the day of a test or quiz, the student must contact
the teacher and make arrangements to make-up that exam. All missed
exams must be taken within 5 days upon your return and students will not be
allowed to make-up a test or quiz during regular class meeting times. If not,
a score of 0 will be given. No assignments and tests may be made up
without an excused absence. A student does not have the right to make-up
work due to truancy.
Grades are based on an accumulation of total points given from
tests/quizzes, assignments, classroom activities, class participation,
homework and the Midterm and Final exams. Students with low grades can
request additional time with the teacher for tutoring. Students should not
expect the opportunity for extra credit. If extra credit is given it will be when
the opportunity presents itself, such as a side research project.
100%-90% = A
89%-80% = B
79%-70% = C
69%-60% = D
59%-0% = F
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