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Types of Japa (Chanting)

There are four types of Japa means chanting i.e

continuous repetition

Likhit Japa In writing : You can write the mantra for 27 , 51 or 108
times. This is the easiest form of Mantra Japa as it involves the use of
maximum number of sense organs (eyes to see, tongue to chant internally,
touch as you hold the pen) and organs of action (hands to write).This type of
Japa involves the least level of concentration as the sensory organs and
organs of action do not give much scope for the focus to be lost.
Vaikhari Japa : Chanting loudly :
this type of Japa is the one in which the worshipper chants the particular
Mantra aloud, audibly so that it can be heard by self and also possible to
Upaanshu Japa : Chanting to yourself
Upaanshu means something which is not heard and yet spoken. In
Upaanshu Japa the sadhaka chants loudly but the voice is as low as barely
heard to self.
Manas Japa : Chanting silently in your mind
The word Maansik means related to mind, intellect. In Maansik Japa the
sadhaka chants the Mantra internally or mentally without the use of lip or
tongue. One needs to have a good level of concentration to perform this type
of Japa as the chances to loose focus are very bright.