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The scribd uploading policy is bullshit.

It should be abandoned.
Free media for everyone!

This can be continued.


Freedom of critique requires availability of sources.

Which in todays world must encompass the internet.

This is why I need to keep on writing.

Permanent intermittence.

It is not ridiculous, it is the seriality of knowledge in a nutshell

To get access to Habermas
Master of reaction
Another one is due
Habermas for real

Now for something completely different: Bach

To Sharpen my dialectical imagination
I have to continue this
For Colletti
Yet another one, for toscano it is done
Breuer, crisis theory
Stupid thing, have to do again, toscano gone
This is no 15, for Bhaskar
Lets go spiritual Bhaskar
And back to scientific Bhaskar (with human emancipation)

For Hirsch !
And Rce

This oones expensvie

Cornelia Hafner RIP

Elmar Altvater