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Worthington Kilbourne High School

Department of History and the Social Studies

Mr. David Strausbaugh
School: 614-450-6400
Cell: 614-403-8843

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing this in support of Patrick Fagan for employment in your school as a Social Studies
teacher. Patrick is a mature individual who brings creativity and insight into the classroom. I have had
occasion to witness Patrick as a student teacher and as a substitute teacher and I think he will be a strong
addition to your staff.
I teach a senior elective class called American Political Thought and Radicalism. I used to
team teach the class with Scott DiMauro who was Patricks cooperating teacher. This gave me a chance
to talk to Patrick and observe him working with students. Patrick placed great emphasis on preparation
and creating an informed discussion among students in the class which was essential to the class. I know
Scott found him very easy to work with and the two of them developed a professional and personal
rapport very quickly. I have had Patrick as a substitute in my Poly Rad classes and I trust him to teach
the class; he does not need substitute type activities to occupy students such as a video or a worksheet.
Indeed, after one time in which he was a substitute for me, students considered him to be like one of the
many guest speakers we invite into our classroom; he struck them as knowledgeable and had command of
the material he was presenting. He will bring a high level of professionalism into the class. Patrick is
consistently seeking to provide me with resources that may be of value to me as I teach in the class. He
was able to obtain for me copies of a 1956 comic book which presented Martin Luther King, Jr., the
Montgomery Bus Boycott and the practice of nonviolence. I found these helpful as I teach the Civil
Rights Movement. I mention this incident because I think it will be indicative of the kind of dedication
and research Patrick will bring to his teaching position. The students will be taught by someone who is
committed to enriching their educational experience.
Patrick is entering education as a second career after working as a restaurant manager. I think this
is significant because he can incorporate into his teaching a perspective which is grounded in work
experience outside the classroom. He is able to identify skills and work habits which will benefit the
students in the long term. In addition to his knowledge of history and his work experience Patrick has a
personality which is engaging and makes him easy to approach. Students will relate well to him and I
think he will establish meaningful relationships which will make him an effective teacher.
Once again I recommend Patrick Fagan to you as a potential educator. His maturity,
professionalism, intellect and personality will make him a fine addition to your school community.
David Strausbaugh
Social Studies Teacher
Worthington Kibourne High School
1499 Hard Road
Columbus, OH 43235