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World History to the 16th Century


Here are clues to some of history's most famous and infamous people. Use your own
knowledge, your text, or the help of people in our class to find out who they are. Make
sure you use the KEY BOX on the last page for names (but watch out- there are some
Hammurabi 1. I was a great King of Babylon in 1700 B.C. The oldest law code in
existence is credited to me. When it came to justice I believed in an eye for an eye and a
tooth for a tooth.
Khufu 2. The greatest of all the pyramids in Egypt was built for me. Over 20,000 of my
subjects worked for 20 years to raise my immense tomb.
Tutankhamen 3. History says my reign in Egypt was short and unimportant, but I
became world famous when my tomb was discovered in 1922. It contained the greatest
treasure find in history. It may also have contained a deadly curse!
4. I told the Pharaoh of Egypt, "Let my people go!", but he wouldn't
listen. Seven plagues and Ten Commandments later my people were on the road for the
Promised Land.
5. In the story of the Trojan War, I'm the trickiest of the Greeks. I created
the Trojan Horse.
6. The Greeks worshiped me as the Goddess of Wisdom. My largest
shrine was in the Parthenon on top of the highest hill in Athens where you could find a 30
ft statue of me in gold and ivory.
7. I'm the Egyptian princess who enchanted both Julius Caesar and then
Marc Antony. Liz Taylor played me in a very bad 1960's movie.
Darius 8. I was the Great King of the vast Persian Empire but I was defeated three times
by a bunch of pesky Greeks.
9. I was one of the first philosophers. I questioned everyone and
everything to learn the truth but all I got for my troubles was a death sentence in Athens.
10. We were the toughest of all the Greeks. 300 of us held off 100,000
Persians for six days at Thermopylae - until the last of us was killed.
Alexander the Great 11. I became king of Macedonia at age 18 when my father was
assassinated. Before my death at age 33 I conquered the entire Persian empire and never
lost a battle.

Da Vinci
12. I was the greatest engineer and scientist of the ancient Mediterranean.
I investigated hydraulics, the laws of physics, optics, and ballistics. I once ran naked
down a road shouting "Eureka" ("I've solved it!").
13. I was Rome's greatest general politician, public speaker, patron of the
arts, and general. I tried to fix Rome's problems single-handedly but my enemies
murdered me.
Julio Ceasar 14. I defeated Marc Antony and Cleopatra and restored order to the
Roman Empire. In return a grateful Roman Senate declared me to be a god.
15. I am famous as the greatest philosopher of ancient China. My
writings and sayings became the center of a great religion.
16. Rome had many terrible Emperors and I was one of the worst. I
helped poison my adopted father and murder my mother. I persecuted Christians, loved
gladiator fights, and forced people to listen to my singing and music.
Atilla 17. Under my brutal leadership the Huns tore through the Roman empire around
A.D. 400. We really trashed the place. Roman Christians called me the "Scourge of God"
18. The civilizations of Aztecs, Mayans and Incas thrived in America,
until these European invaders arrived.
Muhammad 19. Millions of people today in the Middle East and Asia call me the
greatest prophet of God. I wrote our holy book, the Koran, and made my people a great
power around A.D. 600.
Charlemagne 20. Many people consider me a "Holy Barbarian". I used my armies to
convert Europe to Christianity. I gave the Franks and Saxons the choice of "Christianity
or death"
Joan of Arc 21. I saved France from the English invaders in the Hundred Year's War. I
may have only been a young girl but the French believed I was a saint, sent by God to
lead them
22. Many consider me the greatest sculptor of all time. During the
Renaissance I adopted ancient Greek styles to created great works like my "David",
"Pieta". I also painted the entire ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.
Martin Luther 23. Some people considered me a great hero and others called me the
Devil. I believed so strongly in the Bible that I took on the entire Catholic Church and
told the Pope he was wrong. I even created a new version of Christianity

24. My kingdom of Aquitaine was so rich that the kings of France and
England fought to marry me. Eventually I was married to each of them. My sons included
Richard the Lionhearted and "bad" King John of England.
Elizabeth I
25. My father did not believe a woman was strong enough to rule
England, but I proved him wrong. England had a golden age during my long reign.

Key Box
Use the KEY BOX on the below for names (but watch out- there are some extras!).
Alexander the Great
Julius Caesar
Khufu (Cheops)
Martin Luther
Octavian (Augustus)
Elizabeth I
Joan of Arc
Johannes Gutenberg
William the Conqueror

There are five extra name- list them below and describe their historical importance.
1. Archimedes
2. Barbarians:
3. Johannes Gutenberg
4. Pericles
5. William the Conquerers