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The Judas Boogie Intro Script

Car pulls up outside house.

Dark outside

Joel: hang on, I forgot my wallet, won't be a minute

Gets out of car, leaving phone on seat
Ellie pulls her keys out of the ignition and grabs her bag
from the passenger foot well
As she leans down Joels phone vibrates with a text
She picks up the phone and checks who the message is from
It reads: Hi, Im free Friday morning when youre off work
if you wanna have a chat ;) From Kerry
Shocked Ellie throws the phone onto the seat as Joel opens
the door
Joel: All right, whats up?
ELlie: You got a message
She bursts out of the car and slams the door
Joel grabs his phone sees the text, pockets the phone, slams
the car door and runs after Ellie
Joel: Ellie wait! Its not what you think!
Ellie: Oh yeah well what is it? Who is Kerry? huh?
Joel: Look just calm down and well talk about it
Ellie: I cant believe this, why did i ever trust you
Joel: Listen to me!
Ellie bursts through the front door
Into music video

The Judas Boogie Outro Script

Ellie bursts out of the front door and runs to her car
She sits at the wheel staring ahead then reaches for her
phone and calls Matt
Ellie: Hi Ed? Can I stay at yours for tonight? Yeah? Great
thank you so much
She puts down the phone and starts the car
Taking one last look at the house she drives off
Snaps to black.