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Bell Work

Solve and graph

|x 3| < 5

Using Graphs to relate Two

Kiran Satyavarapu
Chapter 4-1

To represent mathematical relationships using graphs.

Video Introduction

Using Graphs
Graphs can be used to represent the relationship
between two quantities as they each change
A graph is the most understandable way of
showing how one variable changes with respect to
another variable

Graphing Relationships
State whether each word or phrase represents an
amount that is increasing, decreasing, or constant.

1. stays the same


2. rises


3. drops
4. slows down


Example: Using Graphs

Which graph in Example could show a car sitting at
a stoplight? How do you know?

Graph I indicates a quantity that does not change with time.

Graph II shows an increase over time.
A car sitting at a stoplight would stay in the same place over time.
Graph I could show a car sitting at a stoplight.

The air temperature in Coolidge increased steadily for several
hours and then remained constant. At the end of the day, the
temperature increased slightly before dropping sharply. Choose the
graph that best represents this situation.

Step 1 Read the graphs from left to right to show time passing .

Example: Continued
Step 2 List key words in
order and decide which
graph shows them.
Key Words

Segment Description


Slanting upward

Graph C



Graphs A, B,
and C

slightly before

Slanting upward and

then steeply downward

Graph C

Example: Continued
Step 3 Pick the graph that shows all the key phrases
in order.
Slanting upward, horizontal,
slanting upward and then
steeply downward

The correct graph is graph C.

Your Turn: Matching a Table and

a Graph
The table shows the total number of customers at a car wash after 1,
2, 3, and 4 days of its grand opening. Which graph could represent
the data shown in the table?

Answer: A

Example: Relating Tables and

In Algebra, we use multiple representations (verbal description,
table, graph, equation) to describe data or a relationship between
two variables.
Marcus and Janine made
the table shown below to
represent the difference
between their ages
during different years.
Which graph matches
the information in the

Answer: D

Your turn:
Ethan heard a weather report that
stated the temperature in Wichita
would drop from 5 degrees Fahrenheit
at a rate of 2 degrees every hour.
Which table matches the information in the graph
Answer: A that Ethan made?

number of

Sketching a graph
Helpful Hint

When sketching or interpreting a graph, pay close

attention to the labels on each axis.

Example: Sketching Graphs

Sketch a graph for the situation.
A truck driver enters a street, drives at a constant speed, stops at a light,
and then continues.

initially increases
remains constant
decreases to a stop
remains constant


As time passes during the trip (moving left

to right along the
x-axis), the truck's speed
(y-axis) does the following:


Book Work
Turn to page 237 and answer the questions,
5 - 13