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Career Cluster Organizer

List the Career Clusters that you discovered as being best suited to your skills and
1. Arts/Music
2. Health Sciences
3. Home

List the top eight to ten Career Occupations related to your Career Cluster(s):
1.Early childhood educationalist or assistant
3.Dietitian or nutritionist
5.Manager in health care
6.Nurse practitioner
10.Patient service associate

Complete the table below for the top three career occupations that most interest you
using information gathered from your research.
Career/Occupation # 1: Early Childhood Educationalist
Job Description: Provides caring and supportive child care to members of a community
that addresses specific needs of each child. Hours are flexible-casual on call
Earnings: Dependent on experience, starts out around $14.80/hour.
Working Conditions:
Indoor and outdoor (activities), lots of standing, bending/lifting and crouching for care of

Required Education/Training:
Diploma in Early Childhood education. License to practise, documentation from
community care facilities.
Essential Skills Required: Responsible, mature, open-minded and respectful attitude.
Organized personally, and for other children. Listen and respond well to others to extend
conversations. Friendly :)
Future Prospects: I would love to have this job in my early adult years. I love working
with children, and I think it would be a good job to do before or even in missions.

Career/Occupation # 2: Physician- Physiotherapist

Job Description:
Utilizes a variety of physical techniques and therapies in the treatment and rehabilitation
of patients who are suffering from illnesses and/or injuries.
Ie: Helping patients recover from accidents/injuries, and illnesses by organizing physical
exercise sessions and providing massages. Writes reports and sends to physiatrists,
doctors and nurses.
Earnings: $35/hour
Working Conditions: Works either privately, or in hospitals, nursing homes, community
centres, etc. Deals regularly with many different people- disabled children, pre/post natal
women, sportsmen and women, industrial employees, hospital in and out patients, and
people within the community.
Required Education/Training:Physiotherapy degree, degree in life/sports sciences can
be helpful.
Essential Skills Required: Good time management, tolerance and patience, good
physical health, interpersonal skills, team-working skills
Future Prospects: I think I would like this job because I have good interpersonal
relations, tolerance with people and physical health. I would like to do this job privately,
and perhaps open up an office in my own house someday. I would like this job because
I would be able to almost make up my own schedule, but I would know that I'd always
have work because this job is something that will always be needed.

Career/Occupation # 3: Dietitian/ Nutritionist

Job Description:
Plan food and nutrition programs, and supervise the preparation and serving of meals.
Help prevent and treat illnesses by promoting healthy eating habits and suggesting diet
Earnings: $44 000/ year
Working Conditions: Work in schools, nursing homes and hospitals working with people
of the community.
Required Education/Training: Bachelor's degree in dietetics, foods and nutrition, food
service systems management, or related area. Licensed/registered with or certified as a
dietitian by government.
Essential Skills Required: Interpersonal skills/speaking skills, organized and responsible
Future Prospects: I wouldn't mind this job. I like working with people and enjoy seeing
them benefit from something that I have helped them with. I might consider this job just
as much as physiotherapist because it is a personal job, and I like working one on one. I
would also enjoy teaching people about food, and it would be helpful in a mission to
teach the people how to make healthymeals and how to maintain personal physical