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Complete the text with a or an.

This is Michael Douglas. Hes actor. Hes from the

USA. His parents are Kirk Douglas and Diana Dill. Kirk is
actor and Diana is . actress. Michaels ex-wife is
Diandra Luker. Diandras ... film producer. Now,
Michaels wife is Catherine Zeta-Jones. Shes .
actress. Michael has three children, Cameron, Carys, and
Dylan. Cameron is . actor.
This is Ralph Fiennes. He is . English actor. His
fathers farmer and photographer and his mothers
writer. Ralphs ex-wife is Alex Kingston. Shes
actress. Ralph has two sisters and two brothers,
Martha, Sophie, Magnus, and Joseph. Marthas film
director and Sophies film producer. Magnus is
songwriter and Joseph is actor.
This is Sean Penn. He is American actor. His father,
Leo Penn, is actor and his mother, Eileen Ryan, is
actress. He has two brothers, Michael and Chris.
Michaels singer and Chris is television actor.
Seans ex-wife is Madonna. Shes a singer. Sean has
two children, Dylan and Hopper. Dylans model and
Hoppers actor.

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