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Week of: January 25 to February 6, 2015

2 weeks

Standards and Objectives: Standards and Objectives:

SWBT (students will be able to): recognize that the
Summarizing, Main Idea and Detail, Context Clues, Cause and authors use domain language to create imagery in
Effect, Compare and Contrast
historical fiction. SWBT: explain the similarities and
differences traits of successful characters/people.
Word Level: Figurative Language, Adjectives, Personification
Sentence: Adjectives and Modal Auxiliaries

Topic/Title: Riding Freedom

Genre: Historical Fiction &

Informational Text
Writing: Opinion and using main idea
and supporting details from text

Reading Strategy and Skill: Compare/Contrast, Monitor/Clarify, Vocabulary: escorted, swelled, relied, reputation, worthy, churning, situation, deserve,
Context Clues
defended, satisfied

Whole Group:
(20-40 minutes
B.E.S.T. Q1 & Q2
*CIS/Close Reading
lessons may take
longer than 40 min
Tomassi will have a
sub Mon the first
All teachers will have a
sub the first Friday.
Classes have a field
trip Feb 4 (Wed) the
second week.
Mrs. Praino in on
Tuesday and
Thursday to coach
spills. Article & Times
for Kids

Instruction for the following will take 2 Weeks days:

Week 1 + Introduce Menu
Week 2 + Menus continue
Mon: Assessment Day from Previous
Mon: Introduce: Grammar Snap Video
Tues: Review assessment and self reflect on
Paired Selection/ Compare Texts: Read
understanding and learning.
Spindle Top. Discuss text structure: Digital
Tues: Introduce Essential?: What traits do
Media. Compare text structures. Why?
successful people have?
SWBT: identify authors purpose and justify
Tues: Read Aloud Getting the Story Lit Guide p.
after double bubble.
385. Introduce Vocabulary and LO. What are
Mon: SWBT: Explain the difference
clue words that help you understand highlighted
between language of Evidence and
word? What type of context clue is it? What do
Analyzing. Create word list for Astro book.
the words have in common? (domain)
Mon: Responding to Text: Read
Tues: Kid talk about the strategy and types of
Spindletop. Choose T2T, T2S, or T2W
graphic organizers for C/C (thinking maps)
writing connection on p. 491
Tues: Sp word sort, adj. after be, writing to
Tues: Sp word sort, adj. after be, writing to
Wed: Preview and 1st Read the Anchor Text:
Tues: Grammar- Introduce Modal
Teacher Model/Fluency & Expression. Class
Auxiliaries. Create foldable. DEAR
feedback and review what is thoughtful critical
Extended Text Reading (Exemplar Texts,
feedback. Model and review.
Wed: Vocabulary Instruction & Apply: Model
Thurs: Reread the Anchor Text/Dig Deeper
Menu Choices
(Close Reading) : Compare & Contrast
Thurs: Your Turn- Classroom Conversations:
Charlotte and one from Spindle. Use TEAReread the Anchor Text/Dig Deeper (Close
Reading) : What do you notice about text
Friday: Assessments
structure? Analyze character traits. Find and
justify Charleys traits based on evidence. Boys
vs Girls. Share out
Thus: Backwards plan opinion essay with TEA-C
Friday: Sub

Writing & Technology

Week 1 & 2 Mon-Thurs: Model
or review menu choices and
discuss procedures, levels, MIs.
Technology: PICLITS for vocab
and BookTrack for writing.
Also create a blog post or letter
on Google Learn (see menu)
Week 1: Thurs/Friday: Model
Writing a Persuasive Essay TEA
+ I (idea for change)
Week 1: Used TP Helps new
Graphic Organizer and
backwards plan have students
pull out Evidence, Analysis, and
Idea to compare. Do you have a
topic/intro/engage? Do you
have a conclusion? Review
Week 2: Introduce new Writing
Goal Sheet & Mrs. Praino
Week 1: Assessment on
Week 2: Assessment on Friday.
Notes: Upload and send out.
Copy reading log.
W2: Start new writing conference
form. Look up foldable.
W2: Questions for leveled readers
W1: Spelling list series.
W2: Personal spelling list.

Maslowski, Tomassi
Small Group:
(50/70 minutes daily)
B.E.S.T. Q2 & Q3
Teacher Instructed
Targeted TIER groups
based on previous
assessments or flexible
groups based on formative
assessment during dally
whole group lessons , as
Options for Students
See Menu by
process, product,
and M. Intelligence.
Additional ELA Time:
(Recommended 60
minutes daily)

Week of: January 25 to February 6, 2015

Teacher CAF/Daily 5

DORF + Review FAIR results and

set goal.
Strategies used on left
Introduce new writing forms.
Student Independent groups use
Menus with strategies to right &
RTI Weekly Small Group or
Intervention (Blue/Red Tab in

Independent/Self-Selected Reading
Partner Reading *Responding to Text
Peer Text Discussions

2 weeks

Struggling : Elizabeths Stormy Ride. Leveled Reader. (Lex: 310L: DRA 34) Pull 2X and work on
phonics, compression, and vocab/context clues. Assess and re-teach
See Student Choice Menu MUST. Read w/Teacher Stagecoach Travel & discuss Vocab.
Phonics also in Walk to Read.
On-Level : Level Reader: Perilous Passage (Lex 800:: DRA 40) Pull 1X and check vocab/context
and comprehension (application of strategies), Fluency, Assess and re-teach.
See Student Choice Menu SHOULD. Read w/Teacher Stagecoach Travel & discuss Vocab.
Advanced : Leveled Reader Come to Nicodemus (Lex 940L: DRA 40) Check Vocabulary
Strategies. Discuss use of higher vocab., Comprehension (application and extension of strategies)how does this apply to writing? Assess and re-teach as necessary.
See Student Choice Menu COULD. Read w/Teacher Stagecoach Travel & discuss Vocab.
* Research Projects
Listening Center/Listen to Text
Vocab Reader: Stage Coach

Graphic Organizers (Thinking Maps)

Readers Theater
Technology Opportunities: PICLITS, BookTrack, Google

Process Writing- Common Core Writers Handbook, Write Smart online, Handwriting Instruction, Content Integration
Convention (Grammar, Capitalization, Spelling, Punctuation) Instruction, Intervention (up to 30 minutes)

Differentiation: See student menus. Students have a literacy menu where they can choose between levels of understanding,
multiple intelligences, process, or product.

Spelling Words:
Risky, track, topic, blank, question, pocket, monkey, junk, equal, ache, public, attack, struck, earthquake, picnic, banker,
electric, blanket, mistake, stomach