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Denmark's Energy


This how it is extracted and Harnessed

This is how it is extracted : Wind power is extracted from air flow using wind turbines or sails to
produce mechanical or electrical power.
This is how it is harnessed : Wind hits the blades which then makes the blades spin and when
they spin a generator starts to spin which then creates energy which then goes through wires
into your house.denmark

Author : Louise,Richard Spilsbury

Interesting Wind Energy Facts: Wind energy is renewable.
: It is cheap and and a pretty good energy source.
: Did you know one wind turbine can power up 500 homes.
: Wind turbines are big. A wind turbine blade can be up to 260 feet long, and a
turbine tower can be over 328 feet tall -- taller than the Statue of Lib
:In Denmark there are dozens of wind
turbines which goes from Denmark to
Sweden to Norway.

Pros and Cons

:It is a clean fuel and
energy source.
:And it doesn't pollute
in the air.

:the vibrations and
sound of the turbine
can make people
ill. :people might
think it is ugly to look
at it all day.

Wind Turbines
Today modern wind turbines are strong , sleek and well suited for converting
wind into energy.
The rotor blades on the wind turbines are aerodynamically shaped to make
them really efficient.
To make the energy be created quicker this is what is having to happen 1.air
density 2.wind speed 3. length of roller blades. which is called torque.
Did you know there is something called a wind farm.
It is a dramatic place with dozens of wind turbines it is a place where electricity
is made from wind.

Who Invented Wind Energy?

Charles F . Brush
1887 he invented the first wind
turbine and he is from the US.
Charles F. Brush

The Impact On The World?

Eco systems get destroyed and people get sick
because of the sound and noise.
They can break easily in really bad wind
Wind Turbine Wreck
& Explosion - YouTu

Causes And Effect, wind energy

Wind hits the
The generator

Which then spins
and which makes
the generator.
And then electricity
is made.

Denmark's second most used

Source of Energy is Oil and
Natural Gas

This how it is extracted and Harnessed

Extracting Oil : Crude oil is a smelly, yellow-to-black liquid and is usually found in
underground areas called reservoirs. Scientists and engineers explore a chosen area by
studying rock samples from the earth. Measurements are taken, and, if the site seems
promising, drilling begins. Above the hole, a structure called a 'derrick' is built to house
the tools and pipes going into the well. When finished, the drilled well will bring a
steady flow of oil to the surface.

This is how it is harnessed:An oil power station turns the chemical energy in oil into
electrical energy that can be used in homes and businesses.

How electricity is generated through oil | EDF Energy

Energy and kids

The world's top five crude oil-producing countries are:
Saudi Arabia
United States

Pros and Cons

It doesn't pollute as
much as coal.
It is nice and cheap
and creates heat

It pollutes .
It is kind of hard to
find it.

Who Invented oil and natural

gas energy
Ignacy ukasiewiczcreator of the process of refining kerosene from crude oil.
In the 18 century he was thinking about a new energy
source which could heat up homes and schools.
He invented it in 1847.

Cause and Effect

1. oil gets pumped up
through pipes into a oil

1. In the oil station
they burn it which
then creates heat

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Ignacy ukasiewicz
Energy and kids
How electricity is generated through oil | EDF Energy
Wind Turbine Wreck & Explosion - YouTube
Interesting Wind Energy Facts

Charles F. Brush
electrical power.