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My Personal

John Mitchell
Ivy Tech Community College

INTASC Standard, Description,

and Rationale
Standard #9: Professional Learning and
Ethical Practice
-The teacher engages in ongoing
professional learning and uses evidence to
continually evaluate his/her practice,
particularly the effects of his/her choices and
actions on others (learners, families, other
professionals, and the community), and adapts
practice to meet the needs of each learner.

Description for Standard

Name of Artifact: Personal Statement Project
Date: October 10th, 2014
Course: EDUC 101

Brief Description: In this assignment, I am

going to answer questions with a PowerPoint
Presentation regarding my reasons for wanting,
what it takes, and how my surroundings
influenced and prepared me to be a teacher.

Rationale for Standard

Rationale: Understanding and planning to
become a teacher is an efficient way to get my
student attention. Having the knowledge of
the profession will help me as a teacher and
the children as students.

Reasons for Wanting to be a

I enjoy helping children/students succeed.
I love to learn.
I believe I can make a difference in my students
I enjoy a daily variety of tasks and objectives to
I feel that I can learn as
much from my students
as they can from me.
Stable future for my family.

The Traits it Takes to be a

Being respectful of my students. In my class
each students values and opinions will be
valued and respected.
Nice, accepting, respectful, caring and
trustworthy. My students will know that I am a
resource for help with any situation that they
may need. Confident in knowing that I will not
judge them and that I will take time to listen to
their concerns or just be an ear to
even a funny story!

What Teacher Will I Be?

I want to be a fun teacher that every student looks
forward to seeing everyday. I find that I can relate to
many students through my sense of humor.
Respected by the students. I want the students to know
that I am their ally in their educational goals. I want only
success for my students.
I want to be the determined teacher. Students that dont
believe they can do the curriculum, I want to prove them
I want to be a resourceful teacher
that will go to any means to allow
my students to be as successful
as they can be.

What I Want My Students to

be Like?
I want the students that have trouble with the
subject that I am teaching (most likely math)
find some sense with how I present the
material and be able to take away a sense of
Drug-free students because drug use impairs
your thinking and would make it very difficult to
teach them.

I would like to work in a community that
supports education and sees it as a future for
the community. How we take care of our
students now only predicts the future of our
Community that supports extracurricular
activities as well as the curriculum that the
state requires.
A place where my students feel safe in and out
of school.
A community that supports and encourages
college bound goals and objectives.

Contributions to the
I can make many contributions to the
Profession by having a strong commitment to
my students success. I will do whatever it takes
to make an environment that allows as much
learning as possible.
Not only will I have passion for what I am
teaching but, more importantly I will love who I
am teaching.
I will be consistent with my decision making.
Many decisions a teacher makes during the day
are quick but, I will strive to make them
intentional and consistent. This will help earn
the respect from my students and develop a

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