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re THROUGH THE FIRE Words and Music by DAVID! Originally Recorded by CHAKA KAHN ‘CYNTHIA WEIL and TOM! Slowly Abmaj) EbDb ad oa f With pedal Abmaja a 3° 745069) Fm7 Ab(ada9) El ea B co can see you've loved so dan - 9’ I look in your eyes and I___ feel; you still need time_ to I knowyou’re a-fraid of what_ you a Dbmaj7 m7 Em? Bbm7 Bbm7/Eb Ab(add9) C7#S(69) & H B EY 2" B nae You're not trust-in’ your heart to an-y-one. heal. But I can help if you'll on-ly let me try. You tell me you're gon - na_play__ You touched me and some-thing in — (© 1904 WARNER-TAMMRLANE PULSHING CORP, DYA MUSE LTD, aa NEROFUB MUSIC VrernsinalCpyrgntsecued Akg Reed 11 Fm? Ebm9 Ab7 Dbmaj7 m7 m7 i ee Ee & we're through be - fore we 2 But 1 be - lieve. that we've what I ~ could have with Now I'm notread - y to Bbm7/Eb Dbm7 @ Ee on-ly just be- gun, When it’s this good, there's no say-in’ no. kiss that dream good-bye, When it’s this sweet, there’s no say-in’ no. T want you so; Th I need you so; ugh the fire, for the chance to 4 Ab Cm? Dbmaj? Gm7 C79 Fm7 Bom’ fe # #8 =# 8 be with you;_ I'd glad-ly risk_ it all. ‘Through the fire, through what-ev - er come_w Ab m7 Dbmaj7 me =” a for a chance_ at lov - in’ you,. ‘I'd take it all___ the Dbmajo Dbmaj7/Eb nougtt right down tothe wire,__ - ven through the fire. Chmaj7 Db/Eb oe asl Dbm7 5 Instrumental solo Cm? Em? Bom? i Through aif eae Cm7 Domai? EE fF time; Db/Eb & o Bbm7 E to the lim-it, e-ven through the fire. — Db/Eb Fn? Ea ‘Through the fire, — Db/Eb a 123 DS. al Coda through the fire, Fm7 Bbm7 Db/Eb Fm7 Ee to the lim-it, — & fF B Through the fire, Repeat ad lib. and Fade Bbm7 Db/Eb Fim7 B = ‘Through the fire,