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Welcome to

Year 2, 2015
Parent Information
Danielle Miller
Wendy Beaulieu
Anna Thompson

The Newsletter Website is sent out

weekly and has several pages with

updated information.

Special events can be found on the

College website

If your child is absent please ring the office first
thing in the morning (and on subsequent days)

Ph 07 54558666 SMS 0416906148

If your child is late (after 8:35 arrival) you will

need to get a green slip from Mrs. Constance in
the First Aid Office.
If you need to take your child home early (before
3pm), you will need to collect a yellow slip from
Mrs. Constance and bring it to the teacher before
taking your child.

Home Readers
Home readers will be easy. This is to
encourage the children to enjoy
reading and for them to practice
fluency skills and expression. These
skills aid comprehension. Consolidation
of skills makes for good reading, not
hurrying through reading levels.

Students will be provided with
10 spelling words per week.
Practice words Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday and Monday. Homework books
must be returned on Tuesday. (testing
done on Tuesday)
Reading - 5 nights a week
Math- skill building

Numeracy will be aligned with the
Australian Curriculum.
Core concepts will be taught in a
variety of ways to accommodate
different learning styles.
Some group work will be for practice,
some consolidating and some

English skills will be specifically
taught.reading, spelling, grammar and
Our writing program is based on the Seven
Writing Traits
Spelling is based on Sound Waves which is
used throughout the Primary section.
Where appropriate, English learning
experiences will reflect the Inquiry Unit
being explored.


In Term 1 for
Christian Studies
Year 2 are learning
about the life and
work of Jesus, and
how He came to
save us, culminating
with Easter.

Art, this Term

relates where
possible with our
Inquiry unit about
Who We Are, our
feelings and how we
relate to each

Physical Education
PE lesson -45 minute lesson per week + 1 swimming lesson per week
Steeplechase Event in Term 2
Athletics Carnival in Term 3
2/3 Swimming Carnival in Term 4
Sports Afternoon
Year 2/3 every Wednesday in Terms 2 and 3
This is a rotational activity where classes change sports every 5 weeks.
Sports include Gymnastics, Tennis, Netball and T/Ball

Year Level

Term One

Term Two

Term Three Term Four

2x yr two

Wk1-10 Extended Gross

motor/fitness circuit ,

Wk1-10 Modified team games

with varied rules

Wk1-6 Modified

level 2

Wk7-10 Oz tag

Wk 1-9 soccer


Year 2 students do not carry money.

All tuckshop is bought via the bag system.
Frozen foods are also bought via the bag
Write your childs name, year level, food items,
amount of money required on a paper bag.
If possible place correct amount of money in the
bag, so that no change needs to be given.
If your child is having tuckshop at BIG BREAK,
please remember to pack a snack or fruit to eat

We love to celebrate your childs
birthday. We request individual patty
cakes as these are easier to handle
and distribute.
A frozen ice-block is another option.
Please consider the possibility of food

allergies. Year 2 is a nut free zone.

The International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate aims to develop
inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people
who help to create a better and more peaceful
world through intercultural understanding and
To this end the organization works with schools,
governments and international organizations to
develop challenging programmes of international
education and rigorous assessment.
These programmes encourage students across
the world to become active, compassionate and
lifelong learners who understand that other
people, with their differences, can also be right.

Central Idea
Establishing and maintaining relationships involves
effective communication, being considerate of others and
respecting differences.
We explore this by looking at the following lines of inquiry
How the students cooperate with peers
Self awareness of feelings, and how to express feelings appropriately
Reflection on behaviours and how it impacts on others
Conflict resolution

Learner Profiles are desirable

attributes that we foster in the
children to encourage them
to be life long learners.
Knowledgeable, Open minded,
Principled, Risk-taker, Thinker,
Caring, Communicator, Reflective,
Inquirer, Balanced

I am principled. I am fair, honest and I
take care of others. I follow the rules.

I have a caring attitude towards
people and the environment. I want
the people around me to be happy and
I am sensitive to their needs.

Parent Helpers
Please keep an eye for the
Online Newsletter and emails
from teachers for details of
when parent help is required.

We all appreciate how valuable

your time is and we thank you
for attending tonight and look
forward to sharing your child's
learning experiences with you
over this year and beyond.