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I am Marcia, I am 23-year-old and I come from Portugal, and this is my story in regards to

what happened at Dino M.s.

Last summer, on August 2013, I was travelling around Europe with two friends, Sofia and
Matilde. We had limited budget so we used Couchsurfing to look for hospitality.
We were looking for a place to sleep in Venice but it was really hard to find one, but at one
point we received an invitation from Leonardo from Padua and we accepted.
We stayed at Leonardo's for three nights, starting from 8 August 2013.
I am still very confused of what happened, it all feels like a foggy memory. We arrived at
Leonardo's on the night of 8th August but he said he had two more Asian girls in the
apartment. He insisted that we should stay with him anyway, he would find a way.
He gave us his room and said he was going to sleep at his new apartment, though I think
he stayed in with us all night.
On the next day it was his day off from work and he spent it driving us everywhere,
showing us all the city and visiting a lot of monuments, he didn't let us pay for lunch and he
even bought some gifts for us.

So, on our second night there, at dinner, he gave us two different kinds of wine to taste
(vino frizzante) and he said one of them was a homemade. We had the first one during
meal and the second one, we had like half a glass after dinner. It tasted very sweet and we
liked it though we're not wine drinkers.
There was surely something inside the wine, because that's when I started feeling weird
and my memory becomes foggy. I remember I was feeling fine until getting up from the
table when we finished dinner to wash the dishes and at that moment I felt like a huge hit
in my head and I was very dizzy.
I felt like I was super drunk but I'm pretty sure with that little bit of alcohol I would never
feel that way. Then I sat again next to them on the table, I remember we all took some
pictures together and that was it. I don't remember getting up from the table again.
For the next like 36hr I only have flash memories like in a total of four minutes from all
those hours. Miriam told us that after dinner we went to change clothes, put make up and
everything, but we just don't remember any of that.
We went out to a big club that night, Villa Barbieri. There was some kind of a fashion show
that night and one memory I have is sitting on a bench and watching the models walking in
bikini in front of me. I also remember at that moment I felt my body almost falling from the
bench where we were sitting, like I had no strength to keep it up and Sarah was sitting
next to me and laughing with a strange face asking me if I was OK.
I think we came back late cause I have a quick memory of Leonardo and Miriam putting
me to sleep in the bed and I think there was daylight outside.
We slept until very late and from the whole next day my memory is completely missing: I
don't remember waking up or dressing myself.
I just remember a moment when me and the girls were talking about how strange it felt
that we did not remember anything from the night before and we asked Leonardo how was
it possible.
He answered we drunk so much and were so wasted and that was the reason. I felt so
strange cause that never happened to me before.

I also remember laying on the double bed in the guest room and Leonardo was laying next
to me. We were next to each other, facing the ceiling and we were talking; then we were
holding hands and he kissed me on my cheek. He asked me to kiss him back and I said
no. Then he insisted and I finally agreed and when I was coming closer to his face he
turned his head very quickly and I ended up kissing his lips. I turned to the other side
turning my back on him and said I was mad at him. But I didnt leave the bed. After that I
have no memories, but I remember I heard someone entering the room and leaving right
away, like running away after seeing what was happening; I assumed it was one of my
friends because we had all our belongings there but my body was feeling so heavy I didnt
even look to see who it was.
On the following day (11th) we spent all our day visiting Venice and we came back to the
house around 6 pm to get our backpacks but he still hadnt arrived from work and we had
a train to catch soon so we left the house without seeing him again. During this day I was
still very confused and from the pictures we took our eyes seem like on drugs.
The following days, everything felt fine except for one thing: something was messed up
with my dreams. Its a little hard to describe what I felt but its like every time I would close
my eyes, I would immediately start dreaming strongly and deeply, when I opened my eyes
for a moment I wouldnt even know if I was where I really was or in the dream situation.
Like dreams and reality were mixed up and I was lost in the middle.
I realised something very bad had happened to me and decided I had to scout other
women who could have experience the same. I found another 11, besides the two friends
who were travelling with me. That is why I set up an online forum where we could
exchange tells and figure out how to denounce the man alltogether.