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I am Chunhua, I am 25-year-old and I come from Hong-Kong, and this is my

story in regards to what happened at Dino M.s.

As I planned to visit Venice, I searched some hosts on Couchsurfing a few
weeks before. I could see Leonardo had quite a lot of positive references, so I
agreed to stay in his home with my friend Yvonne.
We arrived on the 25th of August 2013, he came to pick us up at the train
After dropping our bags at his home, we go out for dinner with him. He paid
for everything: our meal, our wines and brought us to a bar until very late. I
think we got back home around 4 am.
While we were sleeping, he sneaked into our room, and lay down on our bed,
but I pulled him away back to his room!
The next day we stayed out until very late. When we got home, he prepared
tomato pasta & homemade special strawberry dessert wines to all of us.
We only drank one or two glass of dessert wine and some of us drank a glass
of an unknown wine. We quickly felt dizzy and tired. Around 11pm we were
asleep already. Surprisingly we woke up really late next morning, maybe
around 11 am.
I woke up with headache, and I threw up several times, which never
happened before. I had scheduled to stay for three nights, but in the end we
left one day earlier as we feel so weird. We could hardly remember what
happened. One of the girls said she found him sleeping next to her when she
opened her eyes at midnight, but she was unable to do anything.
Even the day after, I could not remember taking pictures with him until i saw
them in my camera few weeks later.
I am sure he put drugs in our drinks or food, but I dont know what he did
while I was asleep.
When I got back home, on September the 4th I posted my negative reference
on his Couchsurfing profile and the day after he sent me a Facebook
message saying I had to edit or delete the reference within one day,
otherwise, he said he was a police officer and he could check my passport
info with my mobile number, and I would get in trouble in Europe at every
police check. He said: ....for me is simple, have your data passport and I
have your phone numb (work in police investigation) where I extract your
info! and if I do this, you have problem in your future in all the European
Community when you get a police control.... Even if he threatened me I

didn't reply and left there the negative reference on Couchsurfing.

He then tried to contact me via Skype, but I blocked him.