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I am Anita, I am 23-year-old and I come from the United State, and this is my

story in regards to what happened at Dino M.s.

I was studying in England last year. My German friend Asta and I decided to travel around
Italy for our break and I was very excited to try out couch surfing and it was my first
We got to Padua late in the evening of 27 March 2013. Leonardo wasn't answering
his phone, and we were kind of nervous. We finally got to his house and were very excited
because he seemed so nice. The fact that he was a policeman was also reassuring. The
first evening, we went out, and ate a lot and had some drinks. Leo said there was "a mix
up" with Couchsurfing so he was actually hosting my friend and I along with three other
girls. Nothing odd happened to me the first night.
I do remember that for much of the night Leo was trying to get Asta and I to stay out late
and go drinking with him and his friends. At one point he came up behind and wrapped his
arms around me, and he tried kissing Asta several times. At the time, I assumed that this
was culturally acceptable and that he was drunk. Asta and I were tired from our travels, so
we simply ignored his requests for us to stay out and repeated that we wanted to go home.
A young man who worked at the restaurant ended up having to drive us home in
Leonardos car because Leo was acting very drunk. After, Leo returned to the other girls,
and Asta and I went to sleep.
The next morning, Leo took Asta and I on a tour of Padua and led us to a nice
pasta place for lunch. I wrote in my diary, "Once back at Leo's, we chilled and ate. I dont
remember many details as the dinner or going to bed. Asta told me later that this morning
Leo had to slap me to wake me up. I dont remember the taxi ride, or the airport. I
remember getting off the plane, but not takeoff or landing. I remember falling over, looking
for the bus and puking a nasty green color in a bin. Again, I dont remember the tram ride
through Rome either. Only after falling asleep again I woke up and remembered where I
I have to say that at the moment I didnt think too much of this, because I was very sick
with cold and Leo gave me something he said to be a cold medicine. I thought that my lost
memories were from drinking the medicine and not getting sleep. Until when Asta
messaged me last fall. She had been contacted by other couchsurfing members, who had
also odd experiences with Leonardo. Reading their testimonies I was shocked by how
similar their experiences were to mine. It is shocking to me that Leonardo has been
allowed to continue working in the police force in Italy.