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I am Dusa, I am 22-year-old and I come from the Chzeck Republic, and this

is my story in regards to what happened at Dino M.s.

Me and my friends Tatana and Irena went for holiday in Italy in September 2013, and we
decided to use the website to find an accommodation. It was
through Couchsurfing that we posted our request and got contacted by Leonardo M. who
offered hospitality in his flat.
We got to Leonardos flat on 8 September 2013. That very night we went to eat a nice
pizza in a place where Leonardo seemed to be quite at ease, he knew the owners and at
our same table were also a friend of Leonardo, a policeman like him, and his girlfriend.
The night passed with no problems.
On the day after, Saturday, Leonardo invited us to a big party which was taking place at a
nightclub called Villa Barbieri. We accepted and went. At the club, he bought drinks for us.
I didnt finish mine because I did not like its taste. The night went on, and we got back to
Leonardos flat very early in the morning. He seemed drunk and was driving very fast.
Once we got back to his flat he really insisted for us to taste his very good red wine. It
seemed a Porto kind of wine. We didnt drink more than two decilitres, and run to sleep
afterwards as we were very tired. Now, the weird thing is that we sleep the whole of
Sunday. I also have foggy memories and I have no clue about what happened. I only
remember that at one point, I think it was early afternoon, I moved from the bedroom
where we were into another bedroom and falling asleep again. We all got up at 7 pm and
realised we had to pack and leave. But we started feeling sick, we all threw up twice. I was
worried as this was not normal for me, I felt drugged or something. After throwing up,
though, I felt much better and I could think rationally again. But my friend Tatana wasnt
there, she was very sick. She later said she cannot not remember going from Leonardos
flat to the airport.

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