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I am Tatana, I am 22-year-old and I come from the Chzeck Republic, and this is my story

in regards to what happened at Dino M.s.

Me and my friends Irena and Dusa went for holiday in Italy in September 2013, and we
decided to use the website to find an accommodation. It was
through Couchsurfing that we posted our request and got contacted by Leonardo M. who
offered hospitality in his flat. He came to pick us up in Paduas city centre at about 6 pm in
his police uniform. Once we got to his house, he showed us the room where we would be
staying. Soon after we went to a pizzeria by car. Along the way, Leonardo picked up a
Uruguayan girl whom he was also hosting. At the pizzeria we met with a couple, both very
fat, and Leonardo talk to them during the whole dinner. At night the three of us slept on a
double bed while Leonardo slept in another room. I dont know where was the Uruguayan
girl sleeping.
In the morning we had breakfast and Leo prepared us coffee. The Uruguayan girl was very
very strange and Leo measured her blood pressure. Then he went to work.
My friends and I spent the whole day around the city and got back to Leonardos house
around 7 pm. Five more girls had arrived, but I only remember two of them were from
Poland. About two hours later we went with Leonardo to a Brasilian restaurant called Bom
Boi, he seemed to know everybody at the restaurant and talked to many people. There
were also two funny, crazy and very strange two brothers. We talked to them most of our
Leo offered us the dinner and after that we went to a party at the nightclub Villa Barbieri.
As soon as we got in Leo bought us drinks and we danced for some hours. We got home
late, it was early morning, and they way Leonardo drove was very dangerous as he was
drunk and was going super fast.
Thankfully we got home safe, and I wanted go to sleep immediately, I
brushed my teeth and I entered my bed, while Irena and Dusa stayed up chatting with
Leo in the kitchen. But after few minutes Leonardo entered the room I was in and
persuaded me to taste his homemade red wine. I initially refused, but he brought me the
glass to bed, so I drunk it and went straight to sleep. My friends were still chatting with him
in the kitchen. From this moment onwards I only know that I slept the whole of the next day
and my friends woke me up around 7 pm. I have no memory but the fact at one point
Leonardo was next to me, I think he touched me, but it feels like a dream and my
memories are confused. When I woke up I my sight was doubled and I threw up twice. I
had weird feelings and as Irena was less sick she helped me pack my bag and take our
way to Bergamos Airport. I recall literally nothing of my way to the Czech Republic
although my friends said I looked normal. The night I got home I had a party, like a camp
fire, with some friends and apparently nobody noticed anything weird on me. Problem is, I
remember nothing of that night. We were all chatting and singing around the fire. But
before going to sleep I felt the sensation of a tampon and I remembered I had my period
and so went to change myself. However, as I tried to pull out the tampon I realised I had
nothing in my body, or at least no tampon to pull, so I panicked and though Leonardo had
placed something in me. I freaked out and asked a member of my family to take me to a
doctor, although it was the middle of the night. The doctor said I had nothing inside and I
was ok, but I kept feeling that weird sensation.