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Disclaimer: this story was put together by IRPI on the basis of court records, as the

circumstances did not allow a first hand interview with the woman.
I am Catherine, I am 16-year-old and I come from Australia, and this is my story in regards
to what happened at Dino M.s.
I was travelling together with my mother and my younger sister, we arrived in Padua on the
16 March 2014 and went to Leonardo's house.
The first night we stayed there it was okay, nothing happened. I slept with my mother and
sister in a room with a double bed while Leonardo stayed in the guest room.
The next day we went to see Venice, and only got back to Padua around 7 pm. Back at
Leonardo's house we found him still in his Carabinieri uniform, he cooked some pasta al
pesto for us and we drank some wine together.
He spoke a very good English, so we had no problems to communicate. My mother went
to bed early with my sister, and I stayed up with Leonardo chatting.
I already had a few glasses of wine, and when alone we kept on drinking. He gave me red
wine, some Limoncello, some Baileys and other drinks, I don't remember which ones.
Then, maybe it was all that alcohol, but I started to feel weird.
I went to the toilet, and when I got back Leonardo had already prepared two more glasses
of that Limoncello.
We smoked a few cigarettes that I 'stole' from my mother, then we decided to go out to buy
some more. Leonardo came with me and drove to the shop, it was next to a kebab place
he knew. While in the car, I started feeling more drunk.
As soon as we got back to the flat, I wanted to go to bed. He brought me to a bed, but I
couldn't even tell if it was the room where I slept the night before with my mother or
another one.
I felt asleep immediately, but at a certain point in the night I woke up, I felt someone
touching me.
It was Leonardo, who was taking off my pants and underwear. He came close and started
doing oral sex on me. It felt like a dream, I was so confused, it was hard to realize what
was happening. Then he got naked and started to rape me. I tried to say no, to stop him,
but he just said If your mother finds out she will kill me, but I can't stop because you're so
He was kissing my mouth and I couldn't cry for help, I just asked if he was at least wearing
a condom, but I can't remember if he answered.
The next day my mother found me in Leonardo's bed. She understood immediately and
we went out of there and to Venice to denounce. My mother was afraid that, being a
policeman, it was better to denounce him in another city.
At the police station in Venice I was still feeling weird, I was exhausted, confused, it was
hard to coordinate my body moves, and I was still very asleep.
I wish for Leonardo to be punished for what he did to her. I did not want to have sex with
him, and even if I said no he carelessly did those things to me, even though he knew I was