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Rochester Institute of Technology

Job Description Questionnaire (JDQ)


Manager of Professional Development

COLLEGE / DIVISION / DEPARTMENT: NTID Department of Access Services





The Manager of Professional Development is an active member of the Department of Access

Services (DAS) Management Team (DMT) and is responsible for the direction, development,
and oversight of all professional development activities for the DAS staff (Managers,
Interpreters, Captionists, Notetakers, and other operational support staff). Responsibilities of
the position include facilitating the enhancement of the skills, knowledge, abilities and job
readiness and career development of all DAS staff participating in specifically designed
professional development programs. Responsibilities also involve working with outside
organizations (local, national and international) and industry professionals, to continually
provide best practices and expertise in interpreting and general Access Service provision. The
Manager presents at Interpreting and Access Services related conferences on a local, national,
and international level and writes for industry and conference publications.
This position
Reports to and works closely with Assistant Dean and Director of DAS to ensure a
strategic approach to deepening key relationships.
Conducts needs assessments, analyzes skill & knowledge gaps, identifies and creates
professional development opportunities accordingly.
Proactively identifies and implements asynchronous and blended learning solutions
including large-scale seminars, skill-building programs, career coaching, experiential
learning, webinars, conferences, mentoring, etc. to help staff acquire, develop and
maintain the necessary skills required for work as a member of the DAS at RIT/NTID
and for outside audiences as appropriate.
Builds relationships to partner with outside agencies, and departments internal to RIT
Leverages relationships and seeks to collaborate with DAS staff, and other departments
to provide opportunities for DAS staff
Works to identify strategic priorities for the department and implements procedures for
accomplishing goals.
Designs and directs implementation of technology strategies to impact effective
professional and career development.
Develops and leverages relationships with external educational and industry groups to
assist in the professional development of staff and managers.
Frequently represents the program in interactions with other campus organizations,
including the office of the NTID President and external organizations that support and
educate interpreters
Incumbent works closely with the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) and
oversees all of the requirements of the RID Certification Maintenance Program to
provide RID approved credit bearing programming to assist certified interpreters in
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February 2014

certification maintenance
Leads standing departmental professional development committee
Hires and oversees a dedicated group of 4-6 student workers
This position presents an opportunity to build a strategic vision and drive DAS staff
professional development for the university.

Responsibilities: Identify 4 to 6 major job responsibilities. Within this section, specify physical requirements,
environmental work conditions and any situations where the job requires the handling of sensitive or protected
information/materials. If the majority of the job involves physical activities, complete the optional Physical
Requirements Form.
% of Time Annually: Indicates the amount of time spent annually on each responsibility use increments of 5%,
totaling 100%.
Essential: Place an X in the left column of responsibilities that are Essential functions of the position.
All functions may not be considered essential. An essential function is defined as:
1) Job tasks that are fundamental and not marginal, or the reason the position exists is to perform that
function, OR
2) The number of employees available to perform that function is limited; OR
3) The function may be so highly specialized that the person in the position is hired for his / her expertise
or ability to perform the particular function.




Meetings and with collaboration Assistant Dean and Director

Event planning, recruiting, scheduling, financial projections, resource
handling and maintenance
Mentoring and Staff development and oversight
Required documentation to support RID CEUs
Writing and conference attendance and presentations
Committee and department communication



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February 2014

EDUCATION Check the minimal educational background, certification and licensure required to
competently perform the essential responsibilities of the job.

X Bachelors degree or equivalent experience (indicate specific field, if required):

___ Advanced degree (indicate specific field, if required):
X Certification, professional license, or credential:
X Valid drivers license (indicate required class):
___ Other:
EXPERIENCE: 10 years of experience in the field of ASL/English Interpreting

Extensive knowledge of Interpreting and general Access Services in the PostSecondary environment, recruiting and training methods, and employment/employee
Knowledge of adult learning theory and curriculum design, and talent development
Ability to provide diagnostic assessment of ASL/English interpreting
Conduct Needs Assessments, perform analysis of both quantitative and qualitative
assessment results, and report of findings to department and institute stakeholders and
outside organizations as necessary and appropriate
Knowledge and experience implementing training needs assessment models and
instructional design methodologies
Development and delivery of training
Must have proven project management experience that includes team members,
outside departments and vendors
Requires excellent facilitation skills with an ability to engage DAS staffs in compelling,
thoughtful, real-time skill-building that drive comprehension and application of career
management principles
Demonstrated ability to leverage interpersonal skills to build productive relationships
within the department and across the university and with outside professional
organizations and universities
Must be a self-starter and able to work independently
Advanced skill in ASL/English Interpreting (National RID/NAD Certification required)
Ability to work with people from diverse cultures and with diverse skill level and
professional experience

OPTIONAL: Indicate preferred education, experience or specialized skills:


The position does not have any regular responsibility for overseeing or supervising the work of
full or part-time DAS staff but does oversee the work of PDP Student Assistants and PDP Web

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February 2014

Number of Students supervised:

4 (Actually, 8)

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February 2014