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Dear Sir,

I am applying for the position of Piping Engineer with your

honorable company. And I have the experience your company is
To give you more information on my background as a Piping
Over the past four years of my career as a Piping Engineer, I
have been employed at piping engineering and installation
corporations, and have successfully engineered a number of
pipes and piping equipment for many projects as steam
generation and transportation, ammonia refrigerating systems and
gas pressure reducing and transportation. I have a bachelor
Degree in Energy Engineering from Monastir Engineering School.
I am sure that all of this experience, professional training, and my
skills of analysis, piping standards and code knowledge,
calculation and sizing software, troubleshooting, and technical
evaluation could offer your company success beyond a shadow of
a doubt. Moreover, I have always aspired to work at aspired as a
Piping Engineer, as you are considered the best in the country.
Please review this cover letter and resume at your convenience to
learn more about my background. Thanks so much for your time
and consideration today, and also for the opportunity to apply.
Yours Sincerely,