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Narrative Essay Prompt

Write an essay in which you tell a specific story about something significant that has happened to
you. There should be a purpose to your story. Consider what you would like your audience to
learn from this story.
Your story should include sensory details (sight, sounds, smell, taste, touch). Use your words to
help the reader imagine that he/she is in your story. You should incorporate dialogue into the
story; instead of explaining what was said, show what was said through quoted conversation.
You must decide on what story you will tell about an experience that you have had. Consider why
you found this experience important or meaningful. What did you learn, or how did you change?
Did you find it meaningful at the time of the incident, or was it something that you realized later?
Did it change how you feel about something? Who is your audience for this narrative, or who do
you hope to influence? Explain in 200 words, typed, MLA format.
Final Draft Criteria:
1. Topic Selection: The essay focuses on a specific experience.
2. Title: The title should be both creative and informative.
3. Thesis: The essay may not have an argument, but it has a clear purpose and main idea. This
controlling idea may not necessarily be stated in the introduction.
4. Development/Support: Ideas are fully developed and supported. The writer includes
sensory details and/or dialogue to bring the story to life.
5. Content: The paper shows that the writer has thoroughly described the event and
considered the significance and implications of the interaction being described.
6. Organization: The ideas appear in a logical order; the paper uses transitions to move from
one idea to the next. The narrative has a beginning, a middle, and an end.
7. Spelling/Grammar/Mechanics: The paper is virtually free of spelling, grammar, or
mechanical errors.
8. Page Length: The paper is at least 2-3 complete pages long. Papers less than 2 complete
pages will not earn a grade higher than a D.
9. MLA Formatting: The paper uses MLA formatting, including 12 point Times New Roman
font, double spacing, one inch margins, etc. (See your handbook for a sample paper.)