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How are you SMART?

The Multiple Intelligences

The world needs all types of intelligences for it to function. Despite the (unfortunately) common
perception that to be smart you must be strong at reading, writing, and arithmetic, there are
many different ways for a person to be considered smart. Here are some of these different ways:
1. Nature Smart: (Naturalistic Intelligence)
(Likes animals, cares for environment, enjoys nature, likes to grow things)
Possible Jobs/Careers: zoo keeper, conservation officer, game warden, park ranger, gardener,
botanist, biologist, zoologist, vet, farmer
2. Music Smart: (Musical Intelligence)
(Likes to play instruments, enjoys music, recognizes patterns, repeats tones)
Possible Jobs/Careers: band teacher, orchestra, music instructor, fixer and seller, musical
therapized, musician,
3. Number Smart: (Logical Intelligence)
(Good at estimating and organizing, can recognize patterns, memorizes math facts easily)
Possible Jobs/Careers: mathematician, teacher, programmer, scientist, accountant, banker,
engineer, architect, construction worker, stockbroker, carpenter,
4. Thinking Smart: (Existential Intelligence)
(Likes to ask questions, interested in philosophy, solves difficult problems, likes to learn)
Possible Jobs/Careers: philosopher, doctor, scientist, professor, teachers, physiatrist, priest,
5. People Smart: (Interpersonal Intelligence)
(Can work cooperatively, can make friends easily, is outgoing, leads others)
Possible Jobs/Careers: health care, teacher, politician, athlete, coach, trainer, physical therapist,
mechanic, carpenter, welder, geologist,
6. Physically Smart: (Kinesthetic Intelligence)
(Good coordination, can work with tools, likes to exercise, has endurance)
Possible Jobs/Careers:
7. Word Smart: (Verbal Intelligence)
(Understands words and meanings, likes to write, can explain ideas successfully)
Possible Jobs/Career: public speaker, a speech pathoglist, magizene author, author, teacher, real
estate agent
8. Self Smart: (Intrapersonal Intelligence)
(Has a strong sense of values, can work independently, reflective, expresses feelings well)
Possible Jobs/Careers: artist, enturpenure , pastor, councillers, real estate agent,
9. Art Smart: (Visual Intelligence)

(Has active imagination, learns visually, forms mental images, strong sense of direction)
Possible Jobs/Careers: artist, filmmakers, architect, sculptors, taxi driver, cartographer, pilot,

Multiple Intelligences Survey

How are you SMART?
Part 1
Complete each section by placing a 1 next to each statement you feel best describes you. If you
do not feel the statement represents you, leave the space blank. Total the column in each section
when you are done.
Section 1
X___ I enjoy sorting things into groups
_x__ I like to take care of the environment
__o_ I enjoy hiking and camping
___x I think it is important to take care of our parks and forests
___x Animals are important in my life
___x I recycle cans, bottles, and paper
___x I enjoy learning about animals, plants, and science
___x I like to be outdoors
___o I like to take care of plants or garden
___o I like putting things in order
Total for section 1
Section 2
_o__ I like movies with singing or dancing in them
__x_ I can easily see patterns
___x I focus in on noise and sounds
___o I can dance to the beat of music easily
___o I like playing instruments
___o I remember things by putting them in a rhyme
___x I enjoy many kinds of music
___x Remembering song lyrics is easy for me
___x I like to sing or hum tunes
___x I like listening to music when I study
Total for section 2
Section 3
_x__ I keep things neat and orderly
__x_ Step by step directions are a big help for me
___x Solving problems comes easily to me
___x I ask a lot of questions about how things work
___x I can complete calculations easily in my head
___x I enjoy working on a computer
___o Puzzles and brain teasers requiring problem solving are fun
___x Structure helps me be successful
___o I cant start work until I know all the things I need to do


I feel satisfied when things make sense

8___ Total for section 3

Section 4
_x__ I enjoy discussing questions about life
__x_ It is important to me to know how I fit in/where I belong
___x Religion, or some set of moral guidelines, is important to me
___x I enjoy looking at art (paintings, photography, sculptures)
___x I like to participate in relaxation and meditation activities
___x I like to know what other people think about the world
___x I like visiting beautiful sites in nature
___x Learning new things is easier when I understand why they are important
___x I wonder if there are other forms of intelligent life (eg. aliens) in the universe
___o I like to study history and other cultures
Total for section 4
Section 5
_x__ I learn best through interacting with others
__0_ The more people around the happier I am
___x I learn best with study groups or partners
___x I enjoy chatting with friends on the internet, phone, etc.
___x I have many friends
___x I like to watch television and listen to radio talk shows
___o I am a leader amongst my friends
___x I like to help others
___x I like to join clubs and participate in extracurricular activities
___o Lots of people ask me to hang out with them

Total for section 5

Section 6
___x I enjoy making things with my hands
___o Sitting still for a long time is difficult for me
___x I enjoy outdoor games and sports
___x I pay attention to peoples body language and facial expressions
___x I believe it is important to exercise and stay healthy
___x I like to take things apart, then put them back together
___x I like to be active
___x I like working with tools
___x I learn by doing and touching
___x I like to dance/watch others dance

Total for section 6

Section 7
I enjoy reading books, magazines, comics, etc.
_x__ I have a strong vocabulary


Taking notes helps me remember and understand

I like to write notes, emails, journal entries, stories, etc.
It is easy for me to explain my ideas to others
I keep a journal, or write for fun
I like word puzzles, crosswords, and word jumbles
I enjoy playing with words, puns, anagrams, or tongue twisters
I like listening to other people talk or read stories
I like to speak in front of a group


Total for section 7

Section 8
___ x I learn best when I care about what I am studying
___x Fairness is important to me
___x I have a strong understanding of right and wrong
___x My attitude affects how I learn
___x I believe acceptance of differences among people is important in life
___o Working alone is productive for me
___o I am independent and like to do my own thing
___x I need to know why I should do something before I do it
___x When I believe in something, I will give 100% of my effort
___x I know myself well (my strengths, weaknesses, personality)
Total for section 8
Section 9
_x__ I can imagine ideas in my mind
__x_ I like rearranging rooms
___o I enjoy creating art using different types of media
___x I remember well when using graphic organizers (eg. webs, charts)
___x I like to organize data in charts and graphs
___x Watching people perform is fun
___x I can recall things in mental pictures
___x I am good at reading maps
___x Music videos are stimulating
___o I am good at drawing, art, poster-making, etc.
___8 Total for section 9

Part 2
Now carry forward your total from each section, and create a bar graph by shading in the
appropriate number of blocks. See the front page for more information. Note: S = Section