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Label Flow

Label Flow Editions

Small Business Corporate Enterprise
Design Elements
2500+ Pre-defined Label Templates Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
Custom Label Sizes Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
Rich Text Formatting Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
Import Images Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
Design Objects Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
Multiple Layers Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
Conditional Objects and Layers Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
1D & 2D Barcode Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
Magnetic Stripe Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
Ghosting / Opacity Effects Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
Alignment & Formatting Tools Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
Serial Numbers / Date & Time Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
Prompted Data Entry Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
Integrated Database Editor Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
Store Text, Date & Time Data in Database Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
Adjust DB Field Order Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
Customizable Layout Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
Store Search / Sub-group Filters Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
Pre-configured Sample Databases Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
Live File-based Database Connectivity Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
Live ODBC / OLE DB Database Connectivity Ɣ Ɣ
Advanced Database Field Formatting Ɣ
- Drop-down Lists Ɣ
Batch Record Update Ɣ
Standard and Thermal Printer Support Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
Label Templates & Printing Support Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
Continuous Feed Support Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
Enhanced EPL/ZPL Printer Support Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
Batch Printing Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
Post-print Database Updates Ɣ
Command Line Tool Ɣ
File Password Protection Ɣ Ɣ Ɣ
User Authorization Ɣ Ɣ
Digital Key Ɣ
Secure Watermark Ɣ
Operator Interface
Simple Operator Interface for Printing Labels Ɣ Ɣ
MSRP $399 $599 $899

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