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2nd semester

Teen Leadership
Instructor Information:
Mr. Joseph Pellerito
(616) 698-9292 ext. 41207
Teen Leadership Website

Room 207 Freshman Campus
9:45-10:45am, 2:45-3:45pm most days except Mon

Course Overview:
You will enhance your leadership and communication skills. You will become more confident in
who you are and what youll do. Youll use these skills personally and professionally.

Learn the value of building relationships and develop skills to assist you in doing so.
Understand the factors that influence self-concept and the impact that it has on life experiences.
Learn to build qualities that increase emotional intelligence.
Understand the tools of effective communication.
Examine and determine your values, standards, and principles.
Identify forms of peer pressure and demonstrate defending and rescuing skills.
Understand and accept responsibility for your thoughts, attitudes, and actions.
Identify ways to make family relationships more meaningful.
Demonstrate effective use of posture, movement, gesture, facial expression, eye contact, and
voice when delivering a speech.


Each speech is worth consecutively more

3 Tests, each approximately 2 chapters
Daily Journal, Activities, Homework

Final grade calculation:

Marking period grade (80%) + Final assessment (20%)

100-93 = A
92-90 = A89-87 = B+
86-83 = B

82-80 = B79-77 = C+
76-73 = C
72-70 = C-

Course Materials:

Teen Leadership book (provided)

Folder or binder to keep all documents in order

Grading Journals:

69-67 = D+
66-63 = D
62-60 = D59-0 = E

Entries graded randomly using the following rubric:

Excellent (5 pts)

Average (3-4 pts)

Poor (1-2 pts)


5 or more

3 or 4 sentences

2 or fewer sentences

On Task +

Student writes on
assigned topic,
seems important

Student writes a little on

assigned topic, not
meaningful or personal
to student

Student writes, but not

about assigned topic

Lateness Policy for Homework:

One day late
More than one day late
After the unit test


no credit

Lateness Policy for Speeches or Presentations:

Speeches are announced far ahead of time, its expected you will be ready on the due date. If
you choose not to speak on the due date, your performance grade will start at credit for that

Classroom Rules and Procedures:

Comply with the rules as stated in the student code of conduct at all times.
You are accountable to the class contract.
Bring your student manual and all materials to class every day. You can store your manual in
class. If the manual is lost, it will be your responsibility to purchase a new one.
Follow Pelleritos procedures.
Pelleritos Policy: Prepared, Proactive, Professional, Polite, Positive

If you do not choose the right behavior, youve chosen a consequence:
1. 20 min detention with Mr. Pellerito + written action plan
2. 20 min detention with Mr. Pellerito + contact parent/guardian
3. Referral + consequence from administration


I am currently using a free service called remind, which allows me to communicate occasional
short messages or reminders. Part of the service: You cant see my phone number and I cant
see yours. Please note: You cannot reply to me through text, I wont receive it.
Example messages: Dont forget your written speech tomorrow
OR The deadline for assignment 3 changed, it is now due Friday
Want to try it? You can always choose out of it later.
Send the message @be5c to the number 81010 and follow the steps
Or to receive messages via email, send an email to If you ever want to
unsubscribe, simply reply with 'unsubscribe' in the subject line.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Students, turn this signed form in tomorrow!

NAME:________________________________________ HOUR:_________

I understand what Mr. Pellerito expects of me, as stated in the course

syllabus. I have shared these expectations with my parent.
Student signature___________________________________________ Date_______
Parent/Guardian signature ___________________________________ Date_______