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Half a Dozen Hummers

Hummer #1: THE MAGIC
Hummer #2: FACE UP
Hummer #3: LITE - NING
Hummer #4: TWO CARD
Hummer #5: TWO CARD
Hummer #6: CARD AND
Originally Printed and Published
108 W. Lake Street

A few words by
It is with great humiliation and
eczema that I present
these half a dozen
At least no one can say they're
not Hummer's!!!


Performer counts off a number of cards from a deck and makes two separate packets. He
exhibits a packet in each hand. One of the packets is turned face up and he proceeds to mix
the packets together, intermixing the cards face up and down. He fans the cards to show the
grand mix-up, and to prove that there is no special arrangement, offers the cards to anyone (1 of 8)3/23/2007 2:11:04 PM

Half a Dozen Hummers

for shuffling in any manner they wish.

Performer receives the packet, and places it behind his back just for a moment. He brings
forth two packets which he places on the table. Explaining that by a split second selection he
has been able to make two packets, and the face-up cards in each packet will be the same.
The cards of first are spread out, let us say it has four face up cards, the second packet is
spread... it also has four face-up cards. The magician offers to repeat the effect immediately
with the same bewildering result.
Here is an effect that is "sure fire", no set-ups, done with any deck and very simple to
Secret and How To Perform:
Count off twenty or thirty cards, the number does not matter just as long as the amount is
even. The audience need not know the number. You can place little finger between cards as
you are counting to make the piles even.
Now divide cards in two packets, turn one of them face up and intermix the cards in any
manner. Hand cards out for further shuffling.
You now take the cards and place behind your back. All you need do is count half the cards
off the top of deck, with the right hand. For instance, if your total amount of cards was
twenty, simply count off 10 cards. The remaining ten cards in the left hand. are turned over.
Both packets are brought in front and placed on table... the trick is done. All that remains is
to spread the packets and count the face up cards... the face cards in both packets will tally.
Now if you wish to repeat the effect immediately, be sure the right hand packet of cards is
turned over and place it on top of other cards. Proceed to have them shuffled and continue as
outlined above.
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A most surprising effect, done with any deck of cards at a moments notice, as no preparation
is required. This is different in principle than the Magic Separation, and is a good follow-up
effect in that face-up cards are again used. (2 of 8)3/23/2007 2:11:04 PM

Half a Dozen Hummers

Performer announces he will make a prediction, and writes something on a piece of paper
which he ask someone to keep until the completion of the effect.
A deck of cards is freely shuffled and someone is requested to assist in the experiment. Deck
is handed out with the request that assistant make two piles, say ten or twelve cards in each
pile, the number of cards in each pile does not have to be the same. Deck is put aside for a
Now performer turns his back, and further instructs the assistant to turn any amount of cards
he wishes face-up from one to whatever number of cards the pile contains. Now whatever is
reversed in the first pile should equally be turned face-up in the second pile, square up piles.
Now he is told to choose any of the piles and place it on top of deck, and hand deck to
Performer explains he will add enough cards to the number reversed in deck to make the
complete total he wrote on piece of paper. Deck is placed on table; and the remaining pile is
now placed on top of deck.
The assistant is told to look thru the deck and find all the reversed cards, say twenty cards are
found... paper is opened and the numbers tally.
Secret and How To Perform:
Write a number on paper, a number higher than 18 and no higher than 30 preferred, and
paper folded for someone to keep. Hand deck to be shuffled, and ask the assistance of some
member of the audience. Have them make two piles, and while your back is turned they are
to reverse any number of cards in pile. They should also turn over face up the same number
of cards in the remaining pile. Now let them place any of the piles on top of deck, and hand
you the deck. You face them and place cards behind your back. You count off the top of the
deck with right hand the exact number of cards you have written on your prediction. Now
turn the cards over, and place them so reversed anywhere in the deck. Bring the remaining
pile on top of deck. The trick is finished all that remains is to look thru deck, find the face-up
cards and read the prediction.
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Here is an effect that is bound to become your favorite after one demonstration. (3 of 8)3/23/2007 2:11:04 PM

Half a Dozen Hummers

Performer hands a deck out for unlimited shuffling. Now person is told to fan cards and hold
it facing toward himself. He is now told to make a free choice between either an ace or
deuce, remove it from the deck and place it face down on table. Now he is told to remove
either a three or four and likewise place it face down on table.
This is repeated with the five and six... seven and eight... nine and ten... jack (11) and queen
(12). Remember the choice of any odd or even cards is not influenced in any manner.
The moment that spectator has removed the final of the six cards selected, the performer
immediately announces the total number that the cards add up to. What is more, you may
repeat the effect immediately and get a different total. The cards are not arranged in any
While the deck is an ordinary one it has undergone a bit of preparation. Select a card having
a center design, and with a razor blade scrape a spot the size of a match head, on some part
of the design. The closest observer won't even notice it. Only the even cards are marked in
this manner. By even cards we mean the 2-4-6-8-10-Q. Shuffle cards and you are ready.
How To Perform:
Hand deck to be shuffled, and instruct someone to fan deck toward himself and select either
an ace or deuce, and place it on table face down. Repeat with the 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, J-Q.
Unknown to assistant you are making mental note of cards he is placing down on table;
whether it is an odd or even card by the center code mark. You need not try to mentally add
the total of the how many even cards in the six that we selected. The total is already figured
out for you. Your Key Number is 36.
If he lays down all odd cards, total is


If there is one even card, total is


If two even cards in bunch, total is


In other words you simply add one to 36 for every even card in the bunch of six.
The right smart thing about the trick is that it will bear repetition immediately with a
different total. (4 of 8)3/23/2007 2:11:04 PM

Half a Dozen Hummers

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The description of the effect will sound far fetched... until you read the daring simple method
Two cards are freely selected from any deck of cards. Let us say the cards selected are the
ace, and king. The ace is returned to the deck, and the king is openly placed inside the coat
pocket. Hands are empty. Performer commands the cards to change places. Someone is
invited to look thru deck and they find the king... they reach in performers pocket and find
the ace. Very little skill... no duplicates.
How to Perform:
A pencil should be placed in the upper left vest pocket. Have two cards freely selected from
shuffled deck, cards may be used face up. One of the cards are chosen. Performer picks up
deck cutting it in half. The right hand holds the upper portion with fingers in front and thumb
at back. He requests the cards be placed on the lower portion. As the halves are brought
together, the tip of the left thumb presses slightly on top of the lower portion, with a little
movement toward the body, thus pushing top card off deck about half an inch, toward the
The right hand closes around lower portion of deck, thus concealing the protruding card.
Hold deck right against opening of coat, with the protruding card coming just inside of edge.
You do this, as you state that you need a pencil so while the right hand is holding cards near
the opening of the coat, the left hand supposedly looking for the pencil is placed inside of
coat; and just as soon as it is screened from view. on the right side, it grasps the protruding
part of the card, pulling it free of deck, and pushing it into opening of inside coat pocket, this
takes but a moment. Not finding pencil on the right side, he looks in the left pocket, and
brings out the pencil.
Performer hands pencil to spectator with the request that the second card be marked for
identification. Performer takes this second card tells audience he is going to place it in the
inside coat pocket. Unknown to audience he really places it in the upper vest pocket right
side, and allows card to stick out part way from the pocket. Hands are shown empty, and he
picks up deck with the left hand.
He reminds the audience of what has taken place. The ace placed in the deck, and the king (5 of 8)3/23/2007 2:11:04 PM

Half a Dozen Hummers

placed inside coat pocket. While performer is thus pattering, when he comes to the "king"
being placed in the inside pocket, the right hand grasps edge of coat, and the left hand
holding the deck goes inside of coat, directly in front of card sticking out of vest pocket. The
left hand precedes the opening of the coat by a fraction of a second, so that the card can be
felt by the thumb and fingers of the left hand, which proceeds to annex the card to the top of
the deck, pulling it free of the pocket. The left hand pointing to the pocket of coat, just as
soon as you have done this.
If you know how to do a pass secretly, all right, otherwise place deck on table and give it a
cut. Thus bringing the card in center of deck.
Request them to look thru deck... find the card... and look in coat pocket and remove the
transposed card.
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A deck of cards is first freely shuffled. Performer's back is turned and holding deck behind
requests someone with the aid of a knife or toothpick, to insert it anywhere in deck and
separating deck at that place, requests them to look at the card. This is repeated with another
card. Everything is above board, no breaks are held, bent cards, or peeked at cards.
Performer reveals the chosen cards.
Secret and How To Perform:
The one way deck principle. This is a well known artifice among card men. Some decks
differ at one end. Such as the most common, having a picture on back, thus when the cards
are facing one way, and should a card be turned around a look thru the deck will find it
because it is reversed at the end. This is the principle employed in a novel manner.
Place the deck behind back. Deck rests an left hand palm. The right hand grasps top of deck
with the fingers toward the body, and thumb to the front. Allow them to make a break
anywhere in deck, you lift deck at the place selected. allowing them to look at bottom card of
the cut, now the cut is replaced and with a twist of the wrist so that the thumb is near body
and fingers are toward the front. You have thus given that portion of cut a reverse so that
ends are facing toward opposite end. Have someone make a break again anywhere in deck,
holding cards as outlined above. All that remains in finding the selected card, is to bring
deck to front and in looking thru deck find the two reversed portions. The selected cards will (6 of 8)3/23/2007 2:11:04 PM

Half a Dozen Hummers

be at the bottom of the reversed portions.

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A card is selected from a deck, and after noting it, is replaced and deck placed in full view on
table. He now exhibits a yard length of ribbon, having a gummed sticker at one end. The
ribbon is gathered and tucked into outside breast pocket of coat, and end of ribbon is allowed
to hang out of pocket better yet... someone holds onto the end. Performer announces he will
cause the selected card to vanish from the deck. He turns the deck face-up and slowly turns
the cards over... not a trace of the selected card is seen!
The assistant holding on to the end of ribbon is told to pull it free of pocket... There attached
to the end on the sticker is the selected card... They may look in pocket, it is empty.
Two lengths of ribbon are required... also duplicate cards. Get a box of gummed stickers,
they are sold in stationary stores. The round kind used for legal papers are good. To prepare
simply stick one of the cards to the length of ribbon and place in pocket. bunching ribbon
near the top edge, just out of sight. You can use any method of forcing a card. A simple
method is to cut the other "short" thus using it as a locator like in the Svengali deck. Place
short card about center of deck. Place a bit of magician's wax on the top card of deck, and
you are ready. The other length of ribbon should be in lower vest pocket, with a thumb tip.
Tap deck at the end, approach someone and ask them to stop you as you riffle cards at the
end. When they say stop, you allow the cards to run until the short card. Always start with
the cards falling slowly. Now allow them to remove the "selected" card. Note it.
While they are looking at the card, under cut the deck, that is, pull away the lower half, and
allow the selected card to be placed on top of card having the magicians wax. Press deck
together and place on table.
Now reach in vest pocket taking out the ribbon, and with thumb tip on. Exhibit ribbon, and
closing the left hand in a loose fist begin tucking ribbon in it. Secretly pull thumb tip off and
you really are stuffing ribbon into it. replace on thumb. Pretend to take the bunched up
ribbon with the closed right hand, showing the left empty, and placing hand in the pocket,
the fingers reach in and pull out the bunched up ribbon, requesting spectator to hold end. (7 of 8)3/23/2007 2:11:04 PM

Half a Dozen Hummers

Show hand empty. You can get rid of thumb tip in pocket, if you wish.
Now pick up deck, and turn cards face-up going thru deck one at a time. The duplicate card
being stuck behind the waxed card naturally makes it appear as though vanished from deck.
Have them pull ribbon free of pocket, and reveal missing card. Allow them to look in pocket
and assure them it is empty.
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