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Yap Chaur Ming ( Jack )


: Male

Date of Birth

: 30 Oct


: Chinese


: Buddhist


: Scorpio


: 57kg


: 168cm


: Cantonese, Mandarin, English and Malay




Experience :

2002 ASTRO Talent Quest Best Talent Awards

2007 Project Superstar Season 2 Top 12

988 radio station host

Album / EP

2008 - JNK Boy band EP Not The Same (incld MV)

2010 oneFM & ntv7 CNY album (incld MV)

2010 Charity Song Recording

2011 oneFM, ntv7 & 8TV CNY album (incld MV)

2012 - oneFM, ntv7 & 8TV CNY album 2012 (incld MV)

2014 - oneFM, ntv7 & 8TV CNY album 2014 (incld MV)


2009 - 8TV Drama Good Night DJ

2009 - 8TV Drama Step of Dance

2009 - 8TV Program Host ()

2010 - CNY reality show

2011 - ntv7 CNY Drama The Super Match Maker as Thai Yip Zai ()

2011 ntv7 TIME FM

2012 - ntv7 CNY Drama Happy Family as Thai Yip Zai ()

2012 ntv7 Sitcom Love Compulsory

2012 ntv7 Sitcom After Class

2012 -

2012 - ntv7 Sitcom Love Compulsory 2

2013 - ntv7 Sitcom Love Compulsory 3


2014 - ntv7 Sitcom Love Compulsory 4

2014 2014 5


Voice Over Experience:


Dr. Cardin

BB Plaza

Giraffe Shoe

TM Hypptunes

A-bin at NiuZeShui



Beauty Mate etc.

Talent Associate




Perfect Livin

Standard Chartered

Yu Ai mooncake

TM Hypptunes

Perfect Livin

Standard Chartered etc.

Live Read

PetronasCanon - EOS 1000D & S90

TM Hypptunes

TM live read

Unilever - Lady's ChoiceKellogg's

Special K

Canon Ixus

Quaker etc.

TV / New Media

Guest of 8TV Programme E-News

Guest of 8TV Programme Celebrity Chat

Guest of ntv7 Programme E-news E7

Guest of ntv7 Programme Feel Good Feel Cook & CNY edition

Guest of 8TV & ntv7 CNY Special Programme

Guest of ntv7game show CNY edition

Guest of ntv7 CNY special program

Guest of China TV CCTV 4 CNY Special Programme

Guest of ntv7

Guest of ntv7

Guest of 8tv (Bread Making)

Guest of e7 interview oneFM

Guest of 8864 interview oneFM

Guest of 8 e-newsinterview Morning Kaki Outdoor Broadcast

Print/ Magazines

MINT Magazine


STAGE Magazine


Oriental Daily Newspaper

Kwang Wah Newspaper

Chinapress Newspaper

Jalan-Jalan Magazine

YG/EPOP Magazine

Yeah Magazine

Citta Bella Magaine Breast Cancer Campaign


oneFM Live Concert 2009

2009 - oneFM Roadshow

2010 - oneFM DJ Search & Outdoor Broadcast @ Penang, Bukit Mertajam, Ipoh Parade

Battle of Sexes & Outdoor Broadcast @ Times Square

Battle of Sexes & Outdoor Broadcast @ Sungei Wang

Malaysia Comic Association

Dr Cardin Event

TM Roadshow

ntv7 Drama Promo Tour ()

ntv7 Drama Tribulations of Life Press Comference

<At The End of Daybreak/ > Thanks You Press Conference @ Sg Wang

2010 Ntv7 Yuan Carnival

2011 Ntv7 Yuan Carnival

Station One Football Friendzy Event (World Cup Event)

Hong Kong Artist - Vincy Press Conference & Promo Tour

Hong Kong Artist Sherman Press Conference & Promo Tour

MINT Magazines Battle of Band

oneFM ntv7 & 8TV CNY album Tour

oneFM Music Tour < FUN >

Spotlite Teen Idol Semi Final 1

Korean Artist - Super Junior Concert in Malaysia 2011 Opening Host

Host & Guest Local Artist - Danny One Earth Hour



Hong Kong Artist - Bosco Summer Sensation PartyPromo Tour

Hong Kong Artist - Eric Sun Album Promo Tour

Local Artist - Seven Liew Album Promo Tour

Hong Kong Artist - William Soo Album Promo Tour


Taiwan Artiste Fahrenheit Press Conference @ Taiwan interview

oneFM Morning Kaki Kaki Kaki Project Sponsored by CANON

<Journey To The West> Thai Yip Zai role

Maggi Curry challenge shooting oneFM project

oneFM Morning Kaki Video Shooting (Monthly)

oneFM CNY Event Lion Dance to 88 houses

oneFM DJ Search & Outdoor Broadcast

Guest of Castrol Footie Gladiators World Cup Event

Travel to Spain Met Up with C.RONALDO Sponsored by Castrol Malaysia

Media Prima 178 CNY screening performance (one TV) CNY shooting

oneFM I want sing K ( K)

Media Prima 178 CNY screening Shooting



8TV < 8 Fun >

oneFM <Back To School>

oneFM <DJ >

oneFM Morning Kaki Battle of Sexes - Pasar Malam Challenge Pasar Malam

oneFM as Thai Yip Zai

oneFM Morning Kaki Outdoor Broadcast for 1 weekMorning Kaki

Project of Prime Minister YAB Dato Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak visit to oneFM


Morning Kaki Battle of Sexes Punishment(Monthly)

Kiehls @ Bangsar

MIFA Fashion Show 2011 @ Pavilion

Focus Point @ Zouk

PWH Music Awards @ Genting

REDBOX media night

Media Prima Radio Networks Boost seminar at @ Doubletree by Hilton

oneFM & 8TV Event

Guest of 8TV 7th Anniversary

AND1 Event

Milo Event

PUMA Evenr

TV3 Sejuta Impian

Fashion Brand <Superman> Launch

Korean Artiste 2AM Movie Concert appearance

<San Francisco Steakhouse> Christmas Media Preview

Interviewed Artistes/ Guest

Prime Minister YAB Dato Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak

(oneFM Morning Kaki)

Local Artiste

Micheal Wong ()


Nicholas Teo ()

Rynn Lim ()

YuHeng (

Danny One ()

Kah Jun ()



Overseas Artiste

Genie ()

Quack ()


Kevin Cheng ()

Fala Chen ()

Bernice Liu ()

Ron Ng ()

Shirley Yeung()

Bosco Wong ()

Micheal Tse ()

Eric Sun ()

Twins - Gillian ()

William So ()