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The Anti-Christian Media Bias

A Christian Perspective
Today it is hard for the Christian to be heard
in any fair manner. Frequently the Christian
viewpoint is simply ignored. When it is
acknowledged there will be two or three
viewpoints that will be presented which
seem to have stronger arguments. It is
almost as if the media goes out of its way to
present ignorant Christian arguments and
sophisticated liberal arguments.

Whenever you hear the religious viewpoint

being expressed in public, the howl of the
liberal sounds the call of separation of
church and state. No one bothers to
examine what that means. Jefferson
specifically meant that no state-sanctioned
religion would be tolerated. He never meant
that Judeo-Christian values should be
eliminated in the market place or the

Conservative Christians are pegged as no

brainers who should just go away or at least
be quiet and let the world carry on. Well the
problem is that Conservative Christians, or
Social Conservatives (SCs), as they have
become known as, have their fair share of
brilliant, average, and less talented
individuals. There may even be a case to
demonstrate that SCs are better educated
than the population at large.

He was also careful to say that there should

be no government sanction against the free
exercise of religion. Religious values were
to affect the market place of ideas but state
run religions were not to be tolerated. A
century of religious wars in Europe, during
the 16th and 17th centuries, had proven that
state run religions and religious run states
dont work. However, religious values were
to be kept strong through the culture.

So why do they get such negative attention.

Perhaps it is because SCs have been quiet
for decades since the 1920s. During the
last 15 years they have become vocal again.
Yet the liberal establishment treats us as if
we are poison. If any other group received
the social disdain that is heaped upon the
SCs they would be screaming that the
perpetrators are bigots.
As a rule SCs have not done so. Most SCs
dont believe in being victims. We dont
believe that it is healthy to create large
minority groups that have the ability to claim
victimization at the drop of a hat. We have
developed into a culture that does not
believe in individual responsibility. Every
failure can be blamed on someone or
something else. This isnt right and does not
lead to good citizenship. It creates a The
World Owes Me mentality.
The liberal media, government, judiciary,
and educational systems seem bent upon
keeping the religious viewpoint out of the
market place of ideas. This is a sad state of
affairs because this nation is based upon
Judeo-Christian Principles.


So the atheists, the liberals, the socialists,

the secularists, the leftist feminists, the
hedonists (pagan), and the humanists are
disturbed today when the Social
Conservatives speak up. There is tolerance
for all except those who believe in moral
rights and wrongs. Why does the belief in
moral absolutes scare them so much?
Perhaps it is because they have all sought
to leave God in the dust and pretend there
are no absolutes.
Well Id like to defend the Christian
viewpoint. I challenge the liberal media to
offer a more even playing field forum. I
would like the opportunity to present the
Christian Conservative viewpoint on the
issues addressed in the press. Every liberal
bias is OK today but not SC viewpoints.
Allow me to debate the issues of the day in
your pages. If you are even handed youd
be inclined to do so. If you are prejudiced to
thoughtful debate that and insecure in your
moral standings you wont allow it.
If, on the other hand, you have half the
courage of your convictions youll be up to
the challenge.


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I look forward to writing on topics about

which Christians have a viewpoint. This
would include, but not be limited to, topics
about the liberal media, government,
judiciary, and educational systems. The
atheist, the liberal, the socialist, the
secularist, the leftist feminist, the hedonist
(pagan), and the humanist positions would
all be subject to discussion. In addition, Id
discuss issues such as tolerance, prejudice,
abortion, sexual freedoms, sex education,
homosexuality, religious freedom, virtue, and
any pressing topics of the day.
Incidentally, when the media negatively
labels (name-calling) SCs, using descriptive
references to Nazism or hateful despots, the
media itself is guilty of bigotry. Once the
media begins its name-calling routine,
against those with differing opinions, it is a
good indication that news reporting
objectivity has been lost.
When that happens you alienate millions of
Christians around the country who realize
that the media is fast becoming
Christophobic, i.e. God haters. Is the media
able to rise above that and become
objective again?
Mark B. Nemzek
2716 Boone Ave. N
New Hope, Mn. 55427



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