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Jeremy Yu, 42602110

CRWR 209 Short Scene

New Beginnings

Two figures walked silently down the path.

After a while, the light-haired one spoke.
You dont have to do this, you know.
Gabe, weve been through this. The Old Man and I will never see eye-to-eye.
But Luce, the consequences
I know the consequences Ive been around here longer than anyone else. Well, except the Old
Man, of course. But theres no other way. I have to leave.
Thats not true! You could always go back, beg for forgiveness-
Could I?
Of course! Just come back with me, and-
Dont you find this a little too easy, Gabriel?
You know the Old Mans temper. Wouldnt you be expecting fire and brimstone right about
now? But there hasnt been any. Hes just letting me walk out of here. Funny, isnt it? Its almost
like he knew this was going to happen.

The words hung in the air for an eternity.

You youre not suggesting he wanted this, are you? Surely, even you couldnt think
Who knows what he wants, really. But doesnt it seem like the place has gone conspicuously
quiet all of a sudden? A cynic might call that an attempt at plausible deniability.
What, you mean he wants to prove you walked out of your own free will? So this is all just a
great big ploy against you, huh? Oh, come off it already. The Old Man might be harsh
sometimes, but you know he only does whats best for everyone.
Im glad you think that. I guess thats why Im the one walking out, not you.
At this, the light-haired one fell silent.
In time, they came to the Gates. Lucifer kissed his tearful brother on the forehead, embraced him
for far too long, then, spreading his silver wings, flew out into the abyss.