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Save The Bees

Waylon Bergstrom
Outdoor Engagement Center

Project Summary
In recent years the population of honey bees has been
in drastic decline. My ten year old son has gained an
intense passion for bees and helping increase their
numbers. My project consisted of helping him follow
his passion by staring, and caring for a domestic

Project Highlights
This project has been an awesome experience for me
and for my son. We have learned so much and
realized we have so much more to learn. This project
has given us an opportunity to be engaged in the
outdoors together and appreciate nature.

From My Journal
The day has arrived. I am
apprehensive about owning a
beehive. The store clerk said there
would be approximately 30,000 bees,
a queen, and some sugar water in the
package. 30,000 bees!! According to
my boy, a thriving beehive usually has
around 60,000 bees.

Opening our beehive for an inspection. There are over

60,000 bees in a healthy hive.

Our bees coming and going from the entrance of the

hive. The bees begin working at sun-up and work until