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February 15, 2015

Dear Portfolio Committee,

It is with great excitement that I write this Letter of Promise on behalf of Jake Hartz. I have

had the pleasure of knowing Jake since February of 2013, when we sat together at the first SDA Preview Days. Jake made a great first impression, as he was friendly and welcoming, and was genuinely interested in getting to know his future peers and colleagues. These same qualities were evident while working together in the International Student Center (ISC) at our assistantship the following fall. From the beginning, Jake has been a good friend, and he proved to be an excellent classmate and colleague as well.

As a colleague in the ISC, Jake was constantly working hard to get tasks done on time and create

a space for all students, but especially international students, to feel at home at Seattle

University. The first week on the job, Jake was assigned to lead the Fall Orientation for over 100 international students. Although this was a huge undertaking, Jake approached the challenge

with great optimism and organization. Often, Jake would ask clarifying questions not only on the logistics of the orientation, but also on the different countries and cultures we would be welcoming in. It was a priority for Jake to understand more about the students to promote an inclusive orientation and environment for all. During the 2-day orientation, Jake was always seen with a smile on his face and very eager to help students navigate their new home. The orientation was a great success due to Jake’s leadership and multicultural competence.

As a friend and classmate, Jake is caring and makes it a point to check-in frequently. He is always willing to lend a helping hand and follows through with his commitments. On many occasions, Jake and I have shared our accomplishments, stresses, and troubles. Jake has always been supportive and offers advice towards a solution instead of dwelling on the negative. He is a motivated individual that earns his success through hard work and dedication.

In addition to his work ethic, leadership, and supportive nature, Jake is not afraid to follow his passions and challenge himself. This is evident in his decision to pursue a corporate opportunity outside of higher education that better suits his professional goals. I have no doubt that Jake will be successful in any field, including student affairs, due to his innate qualities as a leader and professional. I feel extremely lucky to call Jake my classmate, colleague, but especially my friend, and to have shared these last two years in the SDA program with him.


but especially my friend, and to have shared these last two years in the SDA program

Luisa M. Lora