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Artifact I: Professional Development Plan

Jake Hartz
Seattle University
SDAD 5900: Capstone Seminar
Erica Yamamura, Ph.D.


I acknowledge that each years goals might interact with one another throughout the course of this timeline. However, given
my current professional position in a corporate setting, I have found it helpful to have yearly goals in relation to transferable skills
within either higher education or corporate environments.
6 month 1 year: Current December 2015
Career Development
o Develop stronger organizational skills and exercise ability to balance multiple tasks at McKinstry
o Strengthen ability to speak to organizational culture and impact on careers
o Continue use of assessment to improve recruiting and retention practices
o Reach out to supervisors for feedback on performance increase personal foundations
Professional Development
o Place a stronger emphasis on learning how to have crucial conversations with varying stakeholders
o Participate in a local conference make an effort to connect with folks in higher education environments
o Graduate from Seattle University
o Continue networking meet with folks who have higher education and corporate backgrounds
Year 2: 2016 2017
Career Development
o Strengthen leadership skills begin to take on more responsibility with mentoring and training new employees from
the internship program
o Dive further into diversity strategies in hiring. Work with Talent Acquisition Director to learn more about approach
o Understand company policies on onboarding and human resources practices, gain a better foundation of where policies
are derived from and why.
Professional Development
o Attend a social justice conference bring information back to Talent Acquisition Director
o Engage in more critical conversations around these issues of access, equity, and diversity
o Subscribe to academic journals to stay up to date through on current issues, theories, and frameworks


Year 3: 2017 2018

Career Development
o Begin searching for a career in some area of education. Focus on human resources in education companies and/or
o Identify strengths and weaknesses from performance in position. Meet with supervisors to learn how to improve
o Engage in assessment strategies to gain a deeper understanding of this where are your areas of improvements
Professional Development
o Read more on leadership, begin to develop more style while incorporating identities and influence on diverse
o Be mindful of my leadership style, identify areas of improvement and work on strengthening my leadership skills
o Attend a leadership conference
o Continue networking
Year 4: 2018 2019
Career Development
o Expand my responsibilities to really utilize assessment to impact organizational goals and how to support business
o Gain stronger skills in communication, particularly in partnering with other departments to achieve organizational goals
Professional Development
o Research and utilize different methods of assessment
o Use technology to understand and present assessment findings and their impact
o Attend a conference to learn more about emerging practices
o Continue networking
Year 5: 2019 2020
Career Development
o Stronger assessment skills and ability to analyze data and strong ability to communicate results


o If not already, manage/supervise a team utilizing previous leadership knowledge
o Build upon knowledge of organizational policies and regulations and their impact on the organization
Professional Development
o Engage with my networks to better understand policies and laws around my professional focus
o Read literature on policies and laws and the history behind them
o Continue reaching out to professionals and mentors to learn more skills and knowledge