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February 23, 2015

T - Tennis @ Baytown
Girls Soccer vs Brazoswood
Boys Soccer @ Brazoswood
Girls Basketball Playoffs
@ Pearland - 6pm vs Hightower
Th - Softball @ home CCISD tourney
(all weekend)

Baseball @ Pearland

(all weekend)

F - Silverados - Crowd Pleasers

Tennis @ Brook (all weekend)
Girls Soccer @ Lake
Boys Soccer vs Lake
Girls Track @ Falls

(all weekend)

S - Boys Soccer @ Dobie

Students please
remember to
bring your tablets
to school everyday.
Tablet Check T 2/24
Remember case and charger!

For all your FAQs, club meetings

and events
check our school website

Teacher Education and Training

Any student interested in

applying for the 2015-2016
Teacher Education and Training
or TET program, please stop by
room 1133 or see Mrs. Brauer
for applications. Meet at CSHS
at 7am to caravan to Galveston
(20th & Winnie) !

BWW 2/23
Rho Kappa will be doing a fundraiser
at Bualo Wild Wings on Monday
February 23rd. Pick up a ticket at the
meetings or on the Rho Kappa board
in the 2500 pod. You will need your
receipt to get your points!!

Ping Pong club will

meet Wednesday,
Feb 25 in the
cafeteria right aGer
school. Shirts are in!

Girls Basketball Playos

T 2/24
@ Pearland 6pm
vs Hightower

Student United Way

The next Student United
Way meePng will be on
Wed, March 4 at 2:45pm in
Room 1234. Bring a friend!

FCCLA CompePPon Results

AGer aVending the Region IV FCCLA CompePPon this weekend, Mrs. Highsmith and Mrs.
Toppins are proud to announce our results.
FSCA Testers

Alina Ali - Job Interview - Bronze

Clayton Coenen - Consumer Math - Silver

Adam Foskit - Consumer Math - Silver

Vanessa Juarez - Consumer Math - Silver

Kylie Mankin - Consumer Math - Silver

Maria Salczenko - EPqueVe - Silver

Alexandria WaVs - Consumer Math - Silver
Star Event Par0cipants

Madelaine Heaven - Fashion ConstrucPon - 3rd place

Candace Smith, Vanessa Juarez and Alexandria WaVs

Promote and Publicize - 4th place

Star Events ParPcipants and a few of our testers will be traveling to State in Corpus ChrisP this

PAL ApplicaPons/Interest MeePngs

If you are interested in being a PAL for the 2015-2016
school year, you are required to aVend a PAL Interest
MeePng. You will not be able to apply without
aVending one of these 3 meePng opportuniPes.
MeePng 1 is March 3rd at 2:45 in the cafeteria.
MeePng 2 is March 4th at 6:45am in room 2325 or
MeePng 3 on March 5th at 6:45am in room 2325. If
you have any quesPons please see Mrs. LaFoy. Flyers
will be available in the College and Career center with
more informaPon.

Health Science/ISM ApplicaPons

Any student interested in applying for
the 2015-2016 Health Science Clinical
RotaPons, Pharmacy Technician, or
ISM program, please stop by room
2525 or 1751 or see Mrs. Click or Mrs.
DeVries for applicaPon informaPon.
ApplicaPons can be found on

Dual Credit
AVenPon Sophomores & Juniors who are
interested in Dual Credit classes for next school
year ---- The TSI tesPng is required for anyone
who is interested in Dual Credit. TesPng dates
are April 6th and April 13th from 2:30 pm - 6:00
pm. ApplicaPon dates are in February.
Students interested must apply and must take
the TSI test. InformaPon is available in the
College Center.

For all your FAQs, club meetings

and events
check our school website

Students please
remember to
bring your tablets
to school everyday.

Buy it TODAY!!! They will sell out!!!
Order now!
See Mrs. Hairston for more info
RM 1730

Did you know that you can

check out e-books from
your Charger library? Come
down to the library and
well show you how to
access an e-book on your
tablet, smart phone, or
desktop computer.

Counseling Staff
Lead Counselor
Mary Margaret Rucker
Office #1320 A

Alpha Group (A D)
Jennifer Thomas
Office #2307

Alpha Group (L Re)

Ronda Kempton
Office #1207

Alpha Group (E K)
Angela Alksne
Office # 2607

Alpha Group (Rh- Z)

Tracie Brooks
Office #1107

Special Programs Counselor

Julie Buras
Office #2505

Student Support Counselor

Karen Grayson
Office #1321 C

Career Specialist
Kathleen Gandin
Office #1322

For all your FAQs, club meetings

and events
check our school website



Username: Student ID # (10

digit # with all 0s)
Password: ccisd (lower case)



7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Please stop by the College & Career
Center, if you have questions
regarding scholarships or your
college search.