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Students Chemistry


Google Drive Doc.

- Easy access
- 24/7 available

Weebly Menu Doc.

- Excellent presentation
- 100% paperless
- Easy to share or reuse at any point

- Organized record
- 24/7 available
- Immediate Feedback

Science Articles Analysis

Flipped Class



Wix Lab Practices

Science Fair Project

Visual Thinking

Jmol Portfolio

The Students Chemistry Portfolio represented this school year a
quantum leap in the way students designed, organized and reflected
on their different activities and projects. At the same time it allowed
them to go back to previous activities with a click on a tab be able to
bridge previous knowledge into a more complex or different topic.
For me it was a very easy way to access their work at any time and
give them feedback using a Google Drive document.
What is coming up (2014-2015)?
Next school year will give the Chemistry portfolio a refinement
concerning labeling of the different activities using codes that will
ease their access.
Also, a new Google Drive archive will be created to load all work
done in worksheets as pictures or pdf files.

Jmol 3D Drawer
Organic Compounds

What is it?
Jmol is freeware used to draw 3D
hydrocarbon molecules.

How does it work?

Jmol is installed in the student
MAC and launched, allowing
the student to add carbon by
carbon building the
molecular structure desired. It
can be rotated, and put to spin
in order to have a 360 whole
What can be assessed using
Jmol allows the teacher to assess
the students understanding of
the different types of
hydrocarbons as well as the
ability to model them in 3D
taking his knowledge to a real life

Jmol 3D Drawer Students work

Jmol in 2014-2015
1) Tests on Jmol will be done in
order to be able to export not
only .jpg files but also .gif files


3) Two new software will be tested

in order to determine if they can
be used for drawing not only
hydrocarbons, but also Ionic and
Covalent compounds. (ChemDraw
& ChemSketch)

2) Video tutorials on Jmol will be

made and uploaded to my
Chemistry Channel in youtube in
order to scaffold students when
learning how to use Jmol (There
are just a few and not student

3) If an Xbox & Kinect is obtained,

tests will be run in order to work
with Jmol using hands and
allowing kinesthetic students to
learn in an easier and faster way.

Youtube Chemistry

What is it?
A channel in youtube with worldwide access to Chemistry related
videos (video tutorials)
How many
So far I have 16
video tutorials
that covers most
of the second
curriculum in

How are they

These videos are
used for flipped
class, where the
students need to
watch them at
home and then we
work with the info.
in class

Where am I heading (2014-2015) ?

1) Finish the videos required
for the first semester in

2) Load the first course in

iTunes U as part of ISR and
use it in class as a way to get
organized and easy access

Youtube Chemistry

3) Do video tutorial regarding

the skills required in
Chemistry (example; Drawing
a Lewis Dot Diagram)

Visual Thinking
What is it?
A series of protocols designed
to allow students to make
connections of the knowledge
they get and be able to arrive to
higher order of thinking as well
as application of it in different

How am I using it?

In every term we have
one day that is called
Visual thinking day,
where a different
protocol is used.
Students record their
activities and add them
to their Chemistry

Visual Thinking
What have I done?
I created a URL where I post a
description of every activity and
load pictures and and exemplar
of the students work in order to
use it as a guide for other
teachers that would like to learn
and try them on.
What to expect (2014-2015)?
1) Continue trying
different protocols and
load them to the URL

3) Increase the use of VT in

each term, instead of 1 day
per term, to one per topic

2) Spread the use of VT

protocols in MS sharing
different strategies in our

4) Make an activity where

our 9th graders will use VT
protocols with elementary