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Henry Cecil Leon

(19 September 1902 23 May 1976),

Judge Henry Cecil Leon was born in Norwood Green Rectory near
London in 1902. In 1923 he was called to the Bar and between 1949
to 1967 he served as a county court judge. He developed his writing
skills while serving with the British Army during the Second World
War, telling stories to officers to keep their minds off alcohol while
sailing on 'dry' ships. These formed the basis of his first collection,
Full Circle, published in 1948. Thereafter the law and official
functions provided the main source for many of his stories and
plays. Cecil had an extraordinary ability to examine the law in both a
humorous and a more serious, analytical way, providing a series of
thought provoking works. The titles being published by House of
Stratus include some of his best-known work, many of which have
been filmed, notably Brothers in Law and Alibi for a Judge.
Though his books deal with the legal system many have more than
an element of the mystery/thriller genre about them.
Cecil was a hugely influential writer - providing stimulus for
both those taking up a law profession and writers themselves