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Course Statement & Classroom Policies

Human Biology
Contact Information
Rhonda Rodriguez
Phone: (480) 812-7712

Course Prerequisites
Passed Biology & Chemistry with at least a C average

Course Description
Human Anatomy is a course designed to define anatomy & physiology and discuss the functional processes & systems
common to all humans.

Grading Scale
A (4.0) = 90-100%
D (1.0) = 60-69%

B (3.0) = 80-89%
F (0.0) = Below 60%

C (2.0) = 70-79%

The semester grades will be calculated from the combination of test & quiz scores, lab abstracts & classwork/ homework.
The following is a list of how these items are weighted:
Tests (including Final Exams) =

Classroom Policies
Our class is a safe play for learning. I expect everyone to follow the following policies to insure a great classroom
experience for everyone.
1. Respect the people (yourself, other classmates & teachers), equipment & furnishings of the room.
2. Comes to class prepared & ready to learn by bringing ALL materials requested.
3. Follow the directions the first time they are given. If you are unsure of the directions, please ask.
ConsequencesIf there are violations of the classroom policies there will be a:
Verbal reminder
First Offence
Written reminder with a call home to parents
Second offence
Discipline write up and refer to administration
Third offence
I do not anticipate behavior problems in the classroom. You are young adults and I am confident that you will
conduct yourself accordingly. With ongoing good behavior we will regularly have perks such as fun group projects,
homework passes, and group assignments that will not be possible if there are discipline/behavior problems in the

Topics to be Discussed/Labs to be Performed

Second Semester
Endocrine System
Cardiovascular System
Mystery Blood Stain Lab
Cardio Fitness Lab
Heart Dissection
Respiratory & Lymphatic Systems
Digestive System
Biochemical Analysis/pH Food Lab
Urinary System
Urinalysis Lab
Kidney Dissection
Reproductive Systems

SWEEPS will take place! If you are caught in a SWEEP, report to the cafeteria for the remainder of the period & your
attendance will be recorded as an UNEXCUSED ABSENCE.

1. Absences must be excused on the day (within 24 hrs) of the absence by a parent/guardian.
2. Make-up work is completely the responsibility of the student!
3. Check the Human Anatomy Make-up Work Calendar and Assignments Bin for missed assignments & due dates. Do
NOT ask me about make-up work unless you have checked the calendar & do NOT interrupt classtime!
4. For every day you are out, you have one day to make up an assignment.
5. Test or quiz make-ups must be arranged on your own time within 3 days of returning.
All work should be completed so you will not fall behind, but NO CREDIT will be given.

Assignments & Due Dates

1. All due dates for assignments will be posted in class & on Schoolwires & should be recorded in your CHS
2. Assignments are due at the beginning of the class period unless otherwise stated by the teacher.
3. Late work will NOT earn points unless there has been an excuse absence (see above).

Restroom/Drink Policy
1. Students may use the bathroom when they need but it is recommended that they do so between classes instead of
during class.
2. You must sign out on the Hall Pass Check Out-In Sheet & take the Blue Hall Pass.

Personal Electronics
ALL electrical items (cell phones, iPods, headsets, games) must be in SILENT mode during class time & may only be
taken out & used for academic purposes during class time. Use of cell phones for any other reason will result in it
being confiscated. Parents will be notified.



I understand that good attendance is important to my success and that being on time
shows that I value my education and myself.
I promise to behave in class, showing respect for myself by acting in a responsible and mature
I promise to work to the best of my ability.

Student signature

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I will set high expectations for my son or daughter.

I will help my son or daughter live up to the above contract.
I will work with the teacher and feel free to contact her if I have concerns about my sons or
daughters progress.

Parent/Guardian signature

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I promise to be create each lesson with the goal of making the student self-sufficient and
prepared for success in college or the workforce.
I promise to contact parents/guardians at the first sign of struggle in attendance, behavior, or
work habits in order to resolve the situation before the student is unable to pass the class.

Teacher signature

_______Rhonda Rodriguez _____________

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