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Training on GET-Instrumentation



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1) Introduction to process instrumentation

2) Temperature Measurement and Control
a. Measurement: Sensors
i. Thermocouples(J-TYPE,K- TYPE,THERMOWELLS)
ii. RTD (2 WIRE,3 WIRE,4 WIRE)
iii. Thermistor
iv. Temperature gauges
b. Control Loops and Applications.
3) Pressure Measurement and Control
a. Measurement :Transmitters
i. Pressure transmitters(ABB Smart Tx)
ii. Pressure gauges (Installation with Siphon pipes)
b. Control Loops and Applications
c. Pressure Tx Calibration.
4) Level measurement and control
a. Measurement : Transmitters
i. DP transmitters (open & closed tank)
ii. Ultrasonic type
iii. Level switches
b. Control Loops & Applications
5) Flow measurement and control
a. Measurement : Transmitters
i. DP Transmitter(orifice, venturi)
ii. Electromagnetic
iii. Corriolis
iv. Variable area
b. Control loops & Applications
6) Control Valves
a. Control valves: ATO,ATC, Positioners
i. Pneumatic
ii. Hydraulic
iii. Motorised
b. Solenoid valves
i. Block valves
ii. Angle valves