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LM 2-7 Sample Cover Letter

Mia begins her cover

letter with her personal
letterhead, which is
centred on the page.

Mia Ferestad
40 Ravine Lane, Norval, Ontario L0P 1K0
905-555-2457 miaf

Monday, October 22, 2012

Notice how
Mia shows her
skillsthose skills
that can be used
in many different

Always include
a conclusion and
request for action
at the end of
your letter.

remember to sign
your name!

Dear Ms. Singh,

Notice how Mia

always shows
how her skills
relate to the job.

Mentioning the
company by
name and stating
how you found
out about the
position are also

Rachel Singh, Manager

Skis and Stuff
Georgetown, ON L7G 1R2

Mia called the store to confirm the

managers name and title.
Never begin your letter with To Whom It
May Concern. Do your research and find
out to whom the letter should be addressed.

As an avid skier since the age of three, I was very excited to see your
advertisement in this weeks Independent for a sales position in your
store. I believe I have a great deal of enthusiasm and expertise to bring
to Skis and Stuff.

I know the importance of the right equipment for safety and comfort.
Last winter, I was a ski instructor at Glen Eden, and had to help my
students fit rental boots and skis. This experience will help me assist
customers in fitting their equipment.

Although skiing is my passion, I am also very active in extracurricular

activities. I am the treasurer of my high schools student council and
am comfortable handling money and keeping accounts. As treasurer, I
look for ways to ensure we dont lose money at school events. Last year,
for example, I had the ticket sales for our spring dance moved from the
second floor office to the school foyer, and within a few days we had sold
all the tickets. Im also a member of my schools public speaking club
and enjoy speaking with audiences large and small. Finally, I have been
studying French since Grade 4 and would be happy to assist customers
in this language.

I believe I will make an excellent salesperson at Skis and Stuff, and

look forward to meeting with you to further discuss my suitability for
this position. I can be contacted at 905-555-2457 any time to arrange
an interview.

Mia Feresta

Mia Ferestad

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