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English Comprehensive Focus 40S (ECF 40S)

Course Outline

Dan Forte


Welcome to the wonderful world of English Language Arts! This course focuses on the six
language arts: reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, and representing. It is a
course about communication - a course about discovering, exploring, and expressing
your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Students will use and develop skills within the six
language arts to improve on many aspects of communication by responding to and
creating a variety of pragmatic and aesthetic texts.
One of the main purposes of this course is for students to enjoy the pleasures of
literature, inviting stories, films, and other texts to evoke your emotions, challenge your
thoughts, and inspire you to become a better human being. In this course I am hoping
you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and/or the world around you.

Explore thoughts, ideas, feelings and experiences.

Comprehend and respond personally and critically to oral, literary, and media
Manage ideas and information.
Enhance the clarity and artistry of communication.
Celebrate and build community.

Materials Required Daily:

Pens and pencils
A binder with PLENTY of paper
A notebook for journal writing
A novel (more on that later)
If you need any other materials, Forte will let you know in advance
A note about HOMEWORK:
-Grade 12 ELA is a relatively fast paced course
-Students will receive enough time to complete major assignments and daily tasks during class
-Whatever doesn't get finished in class will have to be completed on your own time.
-This includes work that you missed as a result of an absence!
-EXPECT to read for roughly 20 minutes a day outside of class.


*These units are subject to changes throughout the semester
*Units not necessarily presented in this order
Short Text, Big Idea
This will be a refresher on main ideas in texts.

The Power of Photography

We will analyze and interpret visuals.

Who doesnt like talking about heroes? This unit will involve a creative writing component.

Fables, Fantasies, and Fairy Tales

This unit is all about analyzing genre. Well watch a movie or two as part of this unit. You might actually enjoy one of


This unit will focus on dystopian/rebellious themes in texts and how we can connect them to the real world. You will
read a challenging novel most likely 1984 by George Orwell.

Exam Prep

Our final unit before the provincial exam will involve taking a look at past provincial exams. This unit will only last
roughly 3 days.

Here is a breakdown of the mark distribution for this course.
45% - Major Assignments
15% - Minor Assignments
10% - Reading
30% - Provincial Exam
45% - Major Assignments Category
Major Assignments/Projects:
Assignment #1 =
Assignment #2 =
Assignment #3 =
Assignment #4 = /9%
Process Journal = /9%
The Process Journal will be assessed on 3 occasions @ 3% each time.
15% - Minor Assignments
10% - Reading Category
300,000 words = 100%
200,000 words = 80%
100,000 words = 60%




This is a 4-day mandatory exam written by ALL ELA students across Manitoba. It takes place on June 1 st, June
2nd, June 3rd, and June 4th. Everyone in Manitoba writes it at the exact same time. You must be available to
write the exam on all four days. Speak with me ASAP about any issues revolving around these dates.
**Speak with me if you are taking or have already taken another Grade 12 English course.**

**The course is effectively OVER once youve written

your exam**
***A note on assignment DUE DATES***
Due dates will be communicated in class and written on the appropriate board. You will
know when a major assignment or project is due 1 week (or more) ahead of time.


Daily tasks the different stuff we do from day to day will be due either at the end of
class or at the end of the duration of whatever it is we are doing. Most of these tasks are
to be completed in your PROCESS JOURNAL.
-Any student who has ever had trouble passing any of my ELA courses either didn't hand
stuff in or did not hand assignments in on time. Complete the work, and do it on time!
CUT OFF dates (the last day assignments or anything else can be accepted for
March 13th, 2015
Assignments due on or before this date will not be accepted after this date has passed. Your assignment will
receive a permanent NHI
(not handed in), which is the equivalent of a "0."

April 17th, 2015

Assignments due on or before this date will not be accepted after this date has passed. Your assignment will
receive a permanent NHI
(not handed in), which is the equivalent of a "0."

May 29th, 2015

Assignments due on or before this date will not be accepted after this date has passed. Your assignment will
receive a permanent NHI
(not handed in), which is the equivalent of a "0."

It is expected that all assignments will be completed and submitted on time. Under
exceptional circumstances, extensions will be given. Extensions will only be given if
you have spoken to Forte BEFORE the assignment due date.
**Marks for late assignments will be reduced to a maximum of 20% at a rate not
exceeding 2% per school
Classroom Expectations:
Students who are decent human beings know the expectations and follow them:
1. Respect for everybody, all the time. This includes respecting yourself!
**Cellphones and other handheld devices are not to be used in class. In
fact, I dont even want to see them. Leave your device in your pocket,
just like I do. Ignore it. Set it to silent and turn the vibration feature
2. Leave the negativity at home, or keep it to yourself!

You are responsible for learning material that you have missed, no matter the

4. Show up, prepared and on time.

Plagiarism: Copying another persons words, thoughts, or ideas and suggesting they are your own is unacceptable. A
student caught cheating or plagiarising someone elses work on an assignment or test will receive a mark of 0 for that
assignment or test and a call home.


If you need to speak with me about any concerns, or if you need extra help, I am here for
you. You can email me at any time, and you can speak with me whenever Im free. Here
is when I am available to respond to your emails and when I am available for extra help:

ALL DAY - Don't expect a response after 6PM

Meeting: 8:00AM - 9:15AM

12PM - 1PM
3:15PM - 4:00PM (Please ask me first if you want to meet after 3:15PM.)

This course outline is subject to changes throughout the semester.