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Technology Integration Matrix: Presentations (Prezi/PowerPoint/VoiceThread)

Tia Whitehouse
Colorado Academic Standards



Blooms Taxonomy

For this project, students will use an

online resource (like Google Forms) to
survey fellow classmates on a topic
that interests them, thus they will
employ creativity in determining their
topic (standard 1). From there, the
students will analyze the data they
have collected and they will create a
Prezi/PowerPoint to display their
findings (standards 3d and 4c).
Students will work in groups for this
project (standard 2) and they will
demonstrate their understanding of
the types of technology they choose
(standard 6).

Students will generate their own

survey online that they will share with
their peers. Then, students will
analyze and evaluate the data and
extrapolate meaning from the
numbers they have collected.
Students will then construct a
Prezi/PowerPoint that includes their
data and while presenting, students
will demonstrate their understanding
of the data they have collected.

1. Number Sense, Properties, and
2. Patterns, Functions, and Algebraic
3. Analysis, Statistics, and Probability

This project requires that I remind my

students how to use technological
resource in a safe, appropriate way
for this unit (standards 3 and 4). I will
also inspire my students to survey
their classmates on a topic that their
group is interested in (standard 1.
Additionally, I will give them an
opportunity to reflect on what they
have learned and how they were
successful in working on this project
(standard 1c).

4. Shape, Dimension, and Geometric

Reading, Writing, and Communicating
1. Oral Expression and Listening
2. Reading for All Purposes
3. Writing and Composition
4. Research and Reasoning

This next project will come after the

students have already used podcasts
and are familiar with this type of
presentation (from the project listed
in my website or eportfolio matrix in
the oral expression and listening
category). Similarly, students will
have already worked on writing their
own creative short stories. Now
students will create a video of

In their video VoiceThreads, students

will read one of the short stories they
have written. This will allow students
to build on the knowledge they have
of how to successfully create a
podcast, and they will step out of
their comfort zone to create and
share a video of themselves reading
with their classmates. Fluency skills
will be demonstrated in this project.

Students will generate their own

VoiceThread of them sharing a piece
of writing that they have composed.
When responding to their peers,
students will recall what the saw and
heard in the video and they will
demonstrate their understanding of
the stories their peers have written.
Additionally, students will critique
their peers by giving them positive

Presentations (Prezi/PowerPoint/VoiceThread)

themselves reading their short stories

and they will post this video in our
class educational VoiceThread page in
order to build on what they have
already learned about using
technology in presentations. I will
instruct my students on how to safely
and responsibly use VoiceThreads
(standards 2 and 4a) and I will
demonstrate my own knowledge in
using this technology (standard 3)
when helping students navigate this
new resource we are utilizing.


Then, students will reply to their

peers through video or voice
comments to demonstrate their
understanding of the story they have
just heard as well as to comment on
at least two things that their peers
did well and at least one thing they
can work on. This project requires
creativity (standards 1a and 1b),
effective communication (standard
2c), safe use of technology (standard
5a and 5b), and an understanding of
the technology we are utilizing
(standard 6).


Social Studies
1. History
2. Geography

3. Economics

For this project it is necessary that I

teach my students how to safely
utilize the internet (standard 4) in
their research project as well as
inform them of what types of material
they can use through fair use (with
proper citation). I will also ensure
that I am up to date with my
credentials (standard 5) and that I am
utilizing new technology effectively
(standard 3) in a way that will engage
my students (standard 1).

Students will work in groups

(standard 2) to create a presentation
(using Prezi or PowerPoint) to teach
the rest of the class about another
country. Students will research
(standard 3) the country they have
chosen and they will teach the class
about the history and geography of
their country. Students will think
critically about a problem that faces
the country they are studying and
they will develop a potential solution
to the problem (standard 4).
Students will also gain a greater
cultural awareness while working on
this project (standard 2c).
Additionally, students will practice
safe researching skills (standard 5)
and they will utilize their knowledge
of copyright laws and citation skills to
properly pick and cite photos that
they can use as fair use.

Students will be able to summarize

and explain what they have learned
about the country that they have
researched. They will teach their
peers about the history and
geography of this place and they will
be able to compare different cultures
across the globe. Students will detect
the usefulness of the research they
have found and they will integrate
the sources that are most useful (and
credible) into the Prezi or PowerPoint
that they produce.

Presentations (Prezi/PowerPoint/VoiceThread)


4. Civics
1. Physical Science
2. Life Science

For this project I will set up a

VoiceThread in which students will be
asked to compare and contrast
different fossils with living organisms.
Using VoiceThread will enable me to
customize this project to my students
(standard 3c) and they can choose to
respond with a video, audio, or text
clip. This format will also enable me
to help students reflect on the
process of evolution.

In this project, students will identify

trends (standard 1d) that they see in
fossils and they will collaborate
(standard 2) with their peers about
possible reasons for differences
among fossils and todays living
organisms. Students will also
demonstrate their understanding of
the content and technology in their
replies to the VoiceThread (standards
4 and 6).

Students will interpret the images

that they are looking at and they will
formulate possible reasons for the
differences among fossils. Students
will also recall what they have
learned in class about evolution and
they will apply this knowledge to their
evaluation of the images they see.

3. Earth Systems Science

Learning Disabilities - EEOs
Gifted/ Talented

A large part of my job as a teacher is

to understand that every single kid
learns a little bit differently and I have
to figure out a way to personalize my
lessons (standards 2c and 4b) so that
each student can do their best
learning. I must ensure that I go to
professional development meetings
etc. to ensure that I am up to date on
my credentials and so that I become
aware of new technologies and ideas
that I can utilize in my classroom
(standards 4 and 5). For example, I
must keep in mind the individual
needs of my students and find ways
to help students meet their own goals
including the goals that are outlined
in their IEPs or their ALP (Accelerated
Learning Planfor gifted students). I
must also inspire my students to work
at achieving their goals (standard 1)

Students will understand that we all

have strengths and weaknesses and
that we are working together to learn
and to help one another learn. It is
important that students are aware of
their goals so that they can work
towards achieving them. Students
will collaborate (standard 2) with one
another to help gain a better
understanding of the content.
Different students will demonstrate
their understanding of content areas
in different ways but they will all work
towards being able to effectively
communicate what they know.
Students will also be encouraged to
find creative solutions and new ways
of looking at problems or content
(standards 1 and 4).

Students will be able to demonstrate

their understanding of material by
recalling what they have learned,
applying this information to other
content areas, analyzing and
organizing material in a way that
makes sense so that that they can
generate their own ideas and
solutions about what they have

Presentations (Prezi/PowerPoint/VoiceThread)


Reflection: This was my second time filling out a matrix and I believe that it was a little easier this time because I understood a little more clearly what was
expected of me. One area that was still a bit challenging was the differentiation section because it depends on each individual student one is working with, thus
making it challenging to be very specific within this area of the matrix. Having said this, however, I was able to communicate with a former educator who was
able to discuss these topics with me and help me more clearly formulate my ideas on this subject into words that could be written here in the matrix. Overall, I
feel that I have a moderately better understanding of how matrices work and I believe that I was slightly more time efficient in filling out this matrix.