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About Jaycon Systems

and the PitchSeries

Making your idea a reality just got
easier. The PitchSeries offers
entrepreneurs an opportunity to get
exposure to the know-how and
networks needed to take their idea to
the next level.

PitchPrep 01:
Friday Feb 27 6pm @ Jaycon

PitchPrep 02:
Friday March 27 6pm @ Jaycon

PitchPrep 03:
Friday April 24 6pm @Jaycon

Systems, a team of tech experts who

Official Pitch Challenge:

design and manufacture innovative

May 01, 6:30pm, Location TBD

for more than 10 kickstarter projects

grossing more than $1.5 million.
Jaycon believes the Space Coast is a
place for innovators to build a legacy
of making the impossible, possible.
Applicants for the PitchChallenge are
encouraged to attend the full series of
Official eligibility for PitchChallenge
will be announced by the selection

Jaycon Systems

Space Coast Economic

Development Committee
Everything Brevard
Florida Tech


Space Coast Tech Council

Melbourne Makerspace

Melbourne Main Street

Cocoa Chamber of Commerce

Location: 801, E Hibiscus Blvd, Unit B Melbourne, FL 32901 (888) 226-4711

PitchPrep event.

My name is


committee during the April 24



workshop and networking events.

Where ideas become realities

Save the dates

This event is powered by Jaycon

tech ideas and who have consulted

PitchSeries Event

#SCPS15 @JayconSystems



Welcome & Network

Get a warm welcoming speech from the Jaycon Systems Team & get
to know people who are at the event to build with you!


My Pitch is...
Select which stage best describes the status of your idea. Write down your
pitch/idea and share it with others to get some insightful feedback! You can
also use this space to mind map evolution and next steps.

Leaders in Innovation Showcase (Speech)

plore Stage

Idea Stage

Launch Stage

Growth Stage

You know a life of

entrepreneurship is for
you, but you haven't
found your idea yet.

You have an idea that

you need to test and

You have a defined

product our prototype
ready to take to market.

You have an
established business
you want to grow.

Our Leaders in Innovation are here to serve as resources to grow

entrepreneurship in Brevard. Learn how to build strong backbones
that support your idea. Tag along for great talk!


Special Presentation: Red Tape Award

We sure want to acknowledge those individuals who overcame
obstacles, broke new ground, and achieved greatness despite the red
tape. Bold actions yield new territory for start-ups.


Networking Break
Take a break and get to know your peers!


Innovation Workshop
Get together with people who are in a similar idea stage to
exchange views, opinions, insights, and experience! Think of this
30-minute period as custom-designed workshop!


Break to Network: Explore to Growth

Take a break and explore the options you have to grow your idea!

The mics are on and our judges are ready to help you refine your
is to improve after every PitchPrep and get you ready for the main
challenge on May 1st where you actually have a shot at getting
your idea funded by Leaders in Innovation!


Closing Remarks

Free Website Builders

pitch! Feel free to pitch your refined or unrefined idea. The goal here

Additional Funding

plore Free Resources

Pitch Showcase & Open Mic

Free Online
Business Courses