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Curriculum Vitae, Ole Wibom


Personal Data
Full name:

Ole Wibom, PhD, MBA


Classensgade 72, 1th, 2100 Kbenhavn , Denmark

Mobile phone: +45 40 42 94 31


Date of birth:

28th May 1967

Civil status:

Two daughters.
Marie-Louise Wibom (1996) and Josefine Lykke Wibom (2000)


Danish (native), English (fluent), Scandinavian (knowledge)


Family & Friends, Food & Wine, Golf & Running


Skills and Competencies

Through more than 20 years of work experience a long list of skills and competencies have been secured. The
most important are listed below:

Executive Management
Daily management of company, full P/L-responsibility, strategy, turn-around, management of
inter-company relations, cooperation with board on reporting and strategy implementation,
budgeting and financial reporting, optimisation of organisation and human resource, change
management, management of multi-cultural organisation

Sales and Sales Management

Technical sales, key account management, customer analysis and individual goal setting, marketing
campaigns and website, standardising quotations for custom products, strategy for sales force
(incl. agents and distributors), product management

Operation Management
Manage productions sites, production planning, purchase and incoming controls (incl. supplier
handling and evaluations), optimisation of production (incl. LEAN-aspects, resource allocation,
process optimisations, bottlenecks), customer support and service, change management, project
management, quality assurance management (incl. ISO9000 and audits), finance (incl. audits), ITsupport and HR, management reporting incl. KPIs

Jun 09:

Master of Business Administration, Master of Management of Technology, DTU Business

Oct 98:

Industrial Research Fellow (Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering) at Cold forging development at

Danfoss A/S, Technical University of Denmark and the Danish Academy of Technical Science.

Sep 93:

M.Sc. (Mechanical Engineering), Technical University of Denmark

Company Overview
Noliac A/S:

Noliac ( is a technology-based company with 100 employees (2014). Noliac

designs, develops, and manufacture piezo electrical components (including sensors, transducers,
motors, transformers). The products are sold worldwide (BtB), but primarily in Europe and USA.
Customers are in many different industries and the point of contact is normally engineers and
managers. The company has grown organic and by acquisitions since 2001, starting with a MBO of
production (2001), acquisition of Noliac Ceramics (2007) and Noliac Systems (2008). Later a sales
office in US (2009) was established and acquisition of motor-technology from Siemens (2010).
The company is ISO9000 certified and has production in DK (where HQ is based) and in CZ.
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Curriculum Vitae, Ole Wibom


Professional Experience Record

Aug 01 -

Noliac A/S, Denmark

CEO (and COO) of Noliac Group (Jun 09 )
Management of Noliac Group (100 employees in DK, CZ and USA), strategy and operations
Main achievements: High growth in revenue and EBIT (up to 20% yearly), strengthened
Noliacs position in market place, increased efficiency in production, turn-around in Noliac
A/S, implementation of effective organisation, change management (including centralising
sales), high delivery performance (production) and customer service (sales, production,
QA,..), acquisition and development of new technology (piezo actuator drives/motors)
Deputy Managing Director (COO) of Noliac Group (Jan 07 May 09)
Management of Noliac A/S, incl. sales, human resource, quality, production
Main achievements: Responsible of Noliacs first acquisition in CZ (Noliac Ceramics sro),
turn-around in CZ, improve cooperation and relationship between sales and production,
motivate former owners and new managing director of subsidiary (in CZ) after acquisition.
Sales Director (Oct 02 - Dec 06)
Customer relations, markets, website, marketing, distributors
Main achievements: Significant increased total sales, motivation of sales team, clear value
propositions, customer-in-focus-programme (incl. recommendation in sales process), new
website, key account management
R&D Manager and Market Development Manager (Jun 02 - Sep 02)
Product development, customer and EU-projects, sales and marketing
Main achievements: Implement project model and project management standards, increased
sales for US-market
R&D Manager (Aug 01 - May 02)
Product development, EU-projects and customer projects
Main achievements: Structured all procedures and project management in a small
organisation, responsible for all aspects of customer projects and EU-projects

May 01 - Jul 01: Danish Steel Works Ltd., Denmark

Sales Manager, Plate Division
Customer relations, agents, foreign markets, production follow up
Main achievements: Won the Windmill industry as a customer, implementing effective
operation and service, establish new market for slabs (string casted thick plates for rolling
Dec 98 - Apr 01: Dansteel Engineering A/S, Denmark
Director of Sales and Project Management (Jun 00 - Apr 01)
Sales of environment-friendly steel manufacturing processes, management, customer projects
Main achievements: Establish and developed sales organisation (external sales), growth of
detector technology business area, establish product portfolio, standardise quotations and
project models, customer/market analysis, closedown of company (after I realised lack of
Commercial Project Manager (Dec 98 - May 00)
Business processes, optimisation of production planning, data structure, Customer projects,
management of projects for Danish Steel Works, set-up business unit
Main achievements: Model (root-cause-analysis) for increasing earnings in the Danish steel
works (customer), set-up and implementation of subsidiary in New Delhi, India
Oct 98 Nov 98: Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Research Assistant, Department of Manufacturing Engineering
Minor projects, EU-applications, support master students
Nov 94 Sep 98: Danfoss A/S, Denmark
Industrial Research Fellow (Ph.D./Erhversforsker)
Development of methods for testing lubricants under extreme conditions in cold forging of
stainless steels
May 94 Oct 94: University of Birmingham, England
Employed by EU to evaluate FEM-software to simulate friction in metal forming
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Curriculum Vitae, Ole Wibom


Dec 93 Apr 94: Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Engineer, Department of Manufacturing Engineering,
Minor projects, students, teaching, courses, articles
Sep 93 Nov 93: Institute for Product Development, Denmark
Project manager
National project with many industrial partners to improve cutting processes in Danish
industry, consultancy

International Experience
06 14:

Noliac A/S
Experience with mergers and acquisitions of Czech companies into Noliac Group and start-up of
sales office in Atlanta, USA. Experience with international executive management, sales, multicultural organisation, organisation, distance management, local authorities and banks, etc.

98 01:

Dansteel Engineering A/S

Experience with establishment of a subsidiary in New Delhi, India software and IT-support.
Understanding international co-operation and learnings about handling difference in culture.
Furthermore, knowledge of international strategy and development of business procedures and
routines were learnings.

94 98:

Danfoss A/S and Technical University of Denmark

Involved in several international projects - mostly EU projects and national projects with
collaboration between companies and institutions. The work included following up on partners,
set and reaching deadlines for working groups (with people from different organisations),
dealing with many partners with different agendas, administration and reporting of finance and
technical results.


University of Birmingham, England

Worked at School of Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering, University of Birmingham (BU),
England as a researcher. Investigation of models of friction in Finite Element modelling (FEM), and
further development of a FEM software developed at BU. Worked with many nationalities.


Strathclyde University, Scotland

Studied at Department of Design, Manufacture and Engineering Management, Strathclyde
University (SU), Glasgow, Scotland. Worked on projects for Super plasticity of materials and
Deformation failures in components as a result of abnormal material flow.

In-service Training Courses

A number of in-service training courses have been completed. Most courses have been within General
Management, Sales and Project Management.

Papers and Presentations

25 papers, articles and thesis have been published national and international
8 technical presentations have been made on international and national conferences and seminars

The list of relevant references is shown below. Contact details can be provided if needed. References from my
working life before Noliac can also be provided if requested.
Jan 07
Jan 07 Aug 01Jan 01 -

Lotte Beck, Chief Human Resource Officer, Noliac A/S

Mikael Klempel, External CFO and member of the board, Noliac A/S
Bjrn Andersen, Founder and main shareholder in Noliac A/S
Niels Uhrbrandt, Director Plate Division, Danish Steel Works A/S
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