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2D Platforms & Limitations

In this article I will try to describe 2d platforms and limitations. 2d

games are fist type of game and are still popular, in these days everyone
have device which can play games.

A video game arcade cabinet, also known as a video arcade
machine, is the housing within which a video arcade game's hardware
resides. Most cabinets designed since the mid-1980s conform to the
JAMMA wiring standard. Some include additional connectors for features
not included in the standard.
Arcade machine are old and have a lot of limitations, you cant
hardware and software, theres no option to play online,
you need to pay
witch coins, you cant save game arcade
machine need a lot of space because
they are very big and
you cant change game ( 1 machine = 1 game).

A handheld game console is a lightweight, portable video game
console with a built-in screen, game controls, and speakers. Handheld
game consoles are smaller than home video game consoles, allowing
people to carry them and play them at any time or place.
Theres a lot of different hand-held and every of them have limits,
the worse is battery, in old devices it wasnt so bothersome like in the new
one, graphic and hardware (you cant upgrade it) and place where you
play because you will dont see anything in sunny day.

Mobile phones & smartphones

A mobile phone
Is a phone that can make and
receive telephone calls over a
radio link while moving around a
wide geographic area. It does so
by connecting to a cellular
network provided by a mobile
phone operator, allowing access
to the public telephone network.
By contrast, a cordless telephone
is used only within the short
range of a single, private base
In addition to telephony, modern
mobile phones also support a
wide variety of other services
such as text messaging,
short-range wireless
communications (infrared,
Bluetooth), business applications,
gaming, and photography.

Mobile phone isnt prepare to

games so you can play only on
buttons, another limit is graphics

and hardware, also availbility is

A smartphone is a mobile phone
with more advanced computing
capability and connectivity than
basic feature phones.
Smartphones typically include the
features of a phone with those of
another popular consumer device,
such as a personal digital
assistant, a media player, a digital
camera, a GPS ,a touchscreen,
including web browsing, Wi-Fi,
3rd-party apps, motion sensor,
mobile payment and lte.
these days we use smartphone to
take picture listen to music surf
web or play games the last thing
is calling or texting and thats why
therere so many different apps
and games. Smartphones have
more powerful components so
graphic can be way better than on
mobile phone, also control
methods isnt problem because
you can connect gamepad but
battery disappear in the eyes.

PC (personal computer)
A personal computer (PC) is a general-purpose computer, whose size,
capabilities and original sale price makes it useful for individuals, and is
intended to be operated directly by an end-user with no intervening
computer operator. This contrasted with the batch processing or timesharing models which allowed larger, more expensive minicomputer and
mainframe systems to be used by many people, usually at the same time.
Large data processing systems require a full-time staff to operate
Personal computers are most advanced platform on which you can
play games, pc have more advanced OS (you can use it to many other
things, not just for playing games) the limitations for pc is definitely size
and cost for components that you need to upgrade permanently if you
want to play every game on highest graphics details.

Video game console

A video game console is a device that outputs a video signal or visual
image to display a video game. The term "video game console" is used to
distinguish a console machine primarily designed for consumers to use for
playing video games in contrast to arcade machines or home computers.
Consoles are for few years and you cant upgrade hardware so after
some time graphics in game looks weak also price of games is a limit.

Smart TV
A smart TV, sometimes referred to as connected TV or hybrid TV, (not to
be confused with IPTV, Internet TV, or with Web TV) is a television set or
set-top box with integrated Internet and Web 2.0 features, and is an
example of technological convergence between computers and television
sets and set-top boxes. Besides the traditional functions of television sets
and set-top boxes provided through traditional broadcasting media, these
devices can also provide online interactive media, Internet TV, over-thetop content, as well as on-demand streaming media, and home
networking access.

Smart TV have a lot of limitations because its not prepared device

to play games, you cant play on line or in multiplayer mode, you havent
got many games to choose, theres no powerful processor so graphics
isnt look very good, theres no gamepad or keyboard so control method is
another limitation.

The World Wide Web

The World Wide Web (abbreviated as WWW or W3, commonly known as
the Web) is a system of interlinked hypertext documents that are
accessed via the Internet. With a web browser, one can view web pages
that may contain text, images, videos, and other multimedia and navigate
between them via hyperlinks. World Wide Web have many limitations like,
software, graphics and stable internet connection.

Isometric graphics in video games

In video games, "isometric" refers to some form of parallel projection
where the viewpoint is rotated slightly to reveal other facets of the game
environment than are visible from a top-down perspective or side view,
thereby producing a three-dimensional effect. The terms "3/4
perspective", "2.5D" and "pseudo-3D" are also commonly used.
Isometric view games

Command &

Age of empires

Colour depth
Colour depth, also known as bit depth, is either the number of bits used to
indicate the colour of a single pixel, in a bitmapped image or video frame
buffer, or the number of bits used for each colour component of a single
pixel. First games had just a few colours, so you couldnt reach shadow or
shine, it was looking like on picture on the left side, but after hardware in
devices was evaluating and it was going better and better to graphic like
in picture on the right side.

A sprite is a two-dimensional image or animation (2D computer graphics)
that is integrated into a larger scene. Initially including just graphical
objects handled separately from the memory bitmap of a video display,
this now includes various manners of graphical overlays.

Return of sprites in casual games and mobile devices

With mobile devices and casual gaming becoming more and more popular
the classic 2D games return. The modern devices lack support for
hardware sprites but come with powerful 3D hardware. On these devices
sprites are simulated using textures on rectangular shapes. Perspective is
disabled for these games

What is the future of 2d games?

I think that 2d games will never die, 2d games have some advantage of
3d games, sometimes you dont have time to play story mode or
campaign and for example when you waiting for something you will not
launch advanced game but basic 2d game like endless runner or
something similar because you dont have enough time.