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Judge and Hearing Office

Joshua Slaughter

Judges listen and handle disputes, and charges, and claims
Judges handle it in the courtroom

To decide if the something procedure according to rules and
To apply law or
To research legal problems
To decide if the information support charge, claim, or dispute
Judges control the courtroom and what going on in it

Work Environment
Working in the courtroom and offices
Some required to travel to different countries and courthouse
throughout their state
Sit in the same place for a long time
Have to force for a long time

Education Requirements
Must have a degree in law
Education Level of a doctrine and professional
Have to be able to: critical- thinking, decision-making,
listening, reading, and writing
Have to pass the bar exam
Also pass the competitive exam
Most judges learn their skills through years as practicing

The median annual is $87,240 (May 2012)
The lowest earned less than $40,330
The most earned more than $154,380
Work full time and long hours
10% earned $166,880

Job Outlook
The judge should increase in 2012- 2022 to 1%
It seems that there not much demand for judge but still need

Similar Occupation
Legal Assistants
Private Detectives

Job Opening
Western District of Missouri
Operations Manger- District Court
Full time job
Salary- $108,538/year
Location- Kansas City, Missouri
Job been posted for a week

Job Description
Operations Manger have to report to Chief of Operation
Operation Manger supervise how the case going and Deputy
Have to record management and case adminstration
You must have a Bachelors degree
At least 3 years experience in law
Must meet the leadership qualification
At least 5 years of management
A positive attitude