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Submitted by: Cadacio,Juleus Cesar

Submitted to: Mrs. Geraldine Alvina
Date Submitted: February 21, 2011


The students will able to:
To identify the different direct/expositive instruction approach
To apply approaches/ methods in the future and a preparation for the teaching method the future
teachers will use
To balance the approach that they will use when they became teachers by knowing the differences
of every approaches/methods
SUBJECT MATTER: Different Approaches and Methods(Direct/Expositive Instruction
A. Instructional Material: LCD, power point presentation
B. References:
-Principles of Teaching 1 by Brenda B. Corpuz, Ph.D and Gloria G. Salandanan, Ph.D
1. Motivation
What is the difference between method, approach, and technique?
2. Review
What have learned last meeting?
Give at least one descriptive pattern organizer and explain what its content.
Give a brain-based strategy and define it.
3. Schematic Presentation:


Deductive Method

Inductive Method

Demonstration Method

Deductive Method
Ex. Adding similar fractions

State first the rule how to add similar fractions

The teacher will next give examples

After, the teacher will give exercises to the students

Inductive Method
Ex. Adding similar fractions

The teacher will give at least five examples at the board one at a time

The teacher will ask the students how they arrived at that sum of fractions

The teacher lastly ask again the students to state the rule on adding fractions

Activity : groupings (per major)

To select the best method to be used when they reach in the future and explain why did they
choose it.
Must determine the best method to be used.
The winner will/must have the most convincing explanation and Dr. Hicarte will be the judge.
4. Summary
The different methods that weve learned must be balanced so that we would able to teach the
subject matter effectively.
5. Evaluation:
A. 1. Identification
*it is a way of teaching which is aimed at helping students acquire some basic skills and
procedural knowledge?
B. 2-4 Enumeration
*what are the different methods that a teacher can use?
*what are the methods that needs the participation of both teacher and students?
C. Essay:
*what method is the best that you could use? State your opinion.
6. Assignment
Define the following:
Deductive method
Inductive method
Demonstration method