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Annual Agreement Template

School Counselor______________Brea Adams_______2014-2015_________________ Year

School Counseling Program Mission Statement
The mission of North Lawndale College Preparatory Charter High School (NLCP) is to prepare young people from
under-resourced communities for graduation from high school with the academic skills and personal resilience
necessary for successful completion of college. The counseling department focuses on preparing students to succeed
in college by providing a college and career curriculum, personal and emotional support. The school counseling
team is accountable to the ASCA standards and to using data collected to create a school community that best
supports all learners.
School Counseling Program Goals
The school counseling program will focus on the following achievement, attendance, behavior and/or school safety
goals this year. Details of activities promoting these goals are found in the curriculum, small-group and closing-thegap action plans.
Program Goal Statements
1 Academic Goals: Junior ACT scores will increase by 10% from 16.1 to 17,7
2 Personal/Social Goals:
3 Career Goals: The number of students knowledgeable of college and career readiness resources will increase by
Use of Time
I plan to spend the following percentage of my time delivering the components of the school counseling program.
All components are required for a comprehensive school counseling program.

Direct Services
to Students

Planned Use
of time delivering school
counseling core curriculum

of time with individual

_10___% student planning
of time with responsive
40____% services
Services for
Planning and
School Support



of time providing referrals,

consultation and
of time with foundation,
management and
accountability and school

Provides developmental
curriculum content in a
systematic way to all students

Assists students in
developing educational,
career and personal plans
Addresses the immediate
concerns of students
Interacts with others to provide
support for student achievement
Includes planning and evaluating
the school counseling program
and school support activities

Advisory Council
The school counseling advisory council will meet on the following dates.

Tuesday, April 14th

or more

or less

Tuesday, May 19th

Planning and Results Documents

The following documents have been developed for the school counseling program.
x__ Annual Calendar
x__ Closing-the-Gap Action Plans
_x_ Curriculum Action Plan
_x_ Results Reports (from last years action plans)
x__ Small-Group Action Plan
Professional Development
I plan to participate in the following professional development based on school counseling program goals and my
school counselor competencies self-assessment.

Professional Collaboration and Responsibilities Choose all that apply.

School Counseling Team Meetings
B. Administration/School Counseling Meetings
C. Student Support Team Meetings

Department Chair Meetings

School Improvement Team Meetings
District School Counseling Meetings
IEP Meetings

1x a month
2x a month
1x a month
1x a month
1x a quarter
1x a month

Care Team Lead, Grade Level
Dept. Chair
Dept. Chair, Admin.
DAIS (special ed.)

Budget Materials and Supplies

Annual Budget $_______Unspecified___ Materials and supplies needed:

School Counselor Availability/Office Organization

The school counseling office will be open for students/parents/teachers from ___7:45___to__3:30_____
My hours will be from _______7:45___to___4pm_______ (if flexible scheduling is used)
The career center will be open from __8_________to______3:30____
Role and Responsibilities of Other Staff and Volunteers
School Counseling Department Assistant: N/A
Attendance Assistant Clerk: Sends our daily attendance/cut/tardy notifications, works on strategies to improve
Data Manager/Registrar: Pulls reports to identify student needs, works with administration and counselors to ensure
data is consistent, reliable, etc.
Career and College Center Assistant: Full-time college counselor addresses post-secondary needs of all students an
Phoenix Rising Coordinator: Helps pair students with post-secondary opportunities while still at NLCP.

School Counselor Signature________________________________________________________

Principal Signature_________________________________________________________________