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Kevin Williams
Mr. Williams / Ms. Smith
March 11, 2015
American Literature

Police Militarization
Police militarization is a large problem in todays society. There is variety of different
equipment used by the police that many consider to be overkill or militarization. One example is
the MRAP. Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Armord Vehicles, also known as MRAPs, are
American vehicles that are designed specifically to withstand improvised explosive devices
(IED), attacks, and ambushes. Are you sick and tired of the constant shootouts, bombings and
landmines laying around at your college campus? Saddleback College must have been, because
that could be the only explanation for their recent acquisition of a Mine Resistant Ambush
Protected vehicle, also known as a MRAP. Many small towns in The United States, with
populations ranging from 10,000 to 100,000, have recently acquired an MRAP. There is no need
tanks or armord vehicles on small road in small town. Also are Cobb can become one of those
town with the new Braves stadium, more people will become to game in Cobb and, Cobb
acquired $200 million worth of military-grade vehicles and weapons. One armored truck, 106
M16s and eight M14s for the Cobb County Police Department (in addition to a second armored
vehicle purchased using federal grant funds). The population is 59,089, with a crime rate of 51
per one thousand residents, Marietta has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to

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all communities of all sizes - from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One's chance of
becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 19. Within Georgia, more
than 81% of the communities have a lower crime rate than Marietta. The Predator was rolled out
after three men with rifles chased Nelson County Sheriff Kelly Janke, who was searching for six
missing cows, off of the Brossert family farm in late June. In response, Janke called in a massive
amount of reinforcements from the North Dakota Highway Patrol, a SWAT team, a bomb squad,
deputy sheriffs from three nearby counties and ambulances, along with, of course, an Air Force
Predator B drone.
What a police officer used in the even day work. Police Pistol - Many police officers
nowadays choose to carry a glock handgun as part of their police equipment attire, mainly
because this firearm is renown for its extreme reliability and accuracy. Police Shotgun - Pretty
much every police car comes equipped with a standard 12 gauge shotgun, which is primarily
used for close combat against armed criminals. Police Handcuffs - These are probably the most
utilized item of all the police equipment and they do a good job at preventing additional injuries
to criminals, as well as police officers. Police handcuffs are quite strong and are more difficult to
pick the lock than generic hanfcuffs, which can cost anywhere from $10-30. Police Bulletproof
Vest - Probably one of the most important (if not the most important) pieces of police equipment
an officer will ever use is his bulletproof vest. Most police officers use soft bulletproof vests
(which are less noticeable) as part of their standard equipment. This type of armor can protect
against most pistols, shotguns, rifles, knives, arrows, & small explosions, although it still does
not prevent any blunt force trauma which ensues after being struck by a bullet. Police Tazer Gun
- The police stun gun is one of the newer pieces of police equipment that is starting to be used
more often. The nice thing about these tazer guns is that they are effective at neutralizing a

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suspect while still being able to cause little to no harm at all. Police Baton - The police baton is
one of the oldest pieces of police equipment that is still widely used today in most countries.
Police officers mainly use their batons to control and disperse non-compliant people, particularly
in large crowds which arise after popular sportings events. Police batons are also effective for
defending against people who are unarmed yet still aggressive, as well as breaking down doors
and windows to help trapped victims where danger is imminent. Police Knife - Most police
officers rarely use knives and some police departments don't even allow officers to use them due
to the risk factors of having it fall into the hands of a criminal. However, there are lots of police
officers who do carry knives with them because they can be quite useful when it comes to
rescuing stranded victims of automobile accidents. Other police officers prefer to carry the
leatherman-type knives which offer a more complete set of tools.
How to fix the problem, I cant gave a perfect answer for I can gave good start. We can
stop use SWAT for little thing like wanting, and we can add more gun laws so they arent crazy
heavy armord killer. Then we wont need so many heavyed armord police.

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