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Day 5: Review 2
L5.1: Demonstrate command
of the conventions of
standard English grammar
and usage when
writing or speaking.

1. TLWBAT identify the
preposition in a
2. TLWBAT identify the
prepositional phrase in a

L5.1a: Explain the function of

conjunctions, prepositions,
3. TLWBAT identify the
and interjections in general
object of the preposition.
and their function in particular
EQ: How do I identify
prepositions? How do I
identify prepositional
phrases and the object of
the preposition?

1. Teacher observation
2. TLW complete the class review
quiz with 100% accuracy.
3. TLW participate in the
preposition board game,
identifying prepositions,
prepositional phrases, and the
objects in order to proceed, with
100% accuracy.

Materials and Resources: (1) Preposition Song lyrics (2) Preposition PowerPoint (3) Answer
Choices (4) game boards (5) game cards (6) game markers
Lesson Introduction
To begin the lesson, students should sing the Preposition
*How will you engage your
Song. They should be able to sing it without looking at their
students in the topic?

*Be specific give step-bystep instructions

The teacher will tell students that todays objective is to review

prepositions, prepositional phrases, and the objects of the
prepositions. All three of these will be on the quiz tomorrow.
By the end of the period, students should have mastered the
1. The teacher will explain that the students will be taking a
review quiz. They will hold up lettered cards for their answer
2. The teacher will have students cut a sheet of paper into 4
squares and label each A,B,C,D.
3. There are 10 questions on the quiz. For each question, the
teacher will read out the question and answer choices.
Students should hold up the letter of their answer choice.
4. During this time, the teacher should take notice of those
students who are still not getting it.
5. After the quiz, students should stack their answer cards for
the teacher to collect.
6. Now it is time for the board game. The teacher read the
instructions from the instruction sheet aloud.
7. Split the class into groups of 3 or 4. If there are any
struggling students, be sure to place them with those who
understand the concept.

Day 5: Review 2

Lesson Closure
*How will you summarize the

**If students are majorly struggling, review with them one on

8. Students have 10-15 minutes to play.
9. Have one group member bring games boards and cards to
the teacher.
The teacher will have students sum up prepositions. Students
should offer any tips or tricks they have in remembering how
to identify prepositions, prepositional phrases, and objects of
the preposition.
Quiz tomorrow! Any questions?
**Students should study handouts and tape-ins for